Samsung Galaxy S20 FE vs iPhone 12: Differences Between Them

Both Samsung and Apple have already submitted their bets to end 2020. The most recent are the new iPhone 12, which this year arrive as four different models. This time we wanted to compare the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE with the iPhone 12, to see the main differences between both devices and the advantages of one over the other.

Before continuing, it should always be remembered that the conception of both devices is very different. The iPhone 12 moves like a fish in water within an ecosystem made to measure, with which it can fight face to face with the high-end Android. The Galaxy S20 FE was born as a variant of the original S20, which seeks to reach more pockets , with a more than interesting performance bet.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE vs iPhone 12

Screen and dimensions

The Galaxy S20 FE sports a 6.5-inch screen , with a resolution of 1,080 x 2,400 pixels, while the iPhone 12 stays at 6.1 inches with 1,170 x 2,532 pixels. It is obvious that on an aesthetic level, the Samsung device tightens the frames better, in addition to adding a front hole for the selfie camera, while the iPhone 12 continues to display a generous notch.

galaxy s20 fe pantalla

In terms of dimensions and weight, the iPhone 12 wins the pen award with its 164 grams and 7.4 millimeters thick, compared to 190 grams and 8.4 millimeters for the S20 FE. It should be noted that both terminals have IP68 resistance against water and dust, and that it is protected by Gorilla Glass. It is important to point out the difference in the refresh rates, since in the Samsung terminal it is 120 Hz, while the iPhone 12 stays at 60 Hz.

Processors and memory

In order to compare both terminals in fairer circumstances, and since the iPhone 12 only offers 5G variants, we have taken into account the Galaxy S20 FE 5G for this comparison, whose main difference lies precisely in the processor capable of granting it this connectivity. In this case we are talking about the Snapdragon 865, a powerful chip that in certain tests has even surpassed the A14 Bionic that the iPhone 12 sports.


However, both terminals will move like fish in water in their respective operating systems. The Samsung terminal can be purchased in variants of 6 and 8 GB of RAM with 128 and 256 GB of storage. The iPhone 12 for its part, has 4 GB of RAM and variants of 64, 128 and 256 GB of storage. The advantage of the S20 FE is that it is the only one of the two to be able to expand this memory using microSD cards, something that the iPhone does not integrate.

They send the 12 megapixels

When we turn the two terminals, we see differences but not as great as it might seem. The Galaxy S20 FE sports three rear sensors, with a wide-angle and an ultra-wide-angle sensor of 12 megapixels each, and an 8 megapixel telephoto lens capable of achieving 3X optical zoom. The iPhone 12 for its part integrates two 12 megapixel wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle sensors, also achieving a 3X optical zoom.

iphone 12

The iPhone 12 finishes off with another 12 megapixel front sensor for selfies and video calls, while the S20 FE does the same with a 32 megapixel front sensor. As for the video section, both can record in 4K up to 60fps, and in FullHD resolution, but only the iPhone 12 does so at 120 fps, for the 60 fps of the S20 FE. The front camera on both devices can also capture 4K video at up to 60fps.

Battery and connections

In the battery section, the Galaxy S20 FE has 4,500 mAh that are compatible with 25W fast charging , while the iPhone has 2,227 mAh compatible with 20W charging. The two terminals can charge 50% of their capacity in about 30 minutes, although they are also compatible with 15W wireless charging.

iPhone 12 Pro

Both are compatible with 5G networks, but it is also worth noting that both have lost the 3.5mm headphone jack. However, they do not lack the rest of basic connections such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5 or NFC. In addition, they move with the latest stable systems of their creators such as One UI 2.5 with Android 10 in the case of the S20 FE and iOS 14 in the case of the iPhone 12. Of course, iPhone 12 buyers will have to purchase the charger separately. , unlike Samsung that continues to integrate it.

And for price?

If we take a look at the prices, we see that the most powerful version of the Galaxy S20 FE with 256 GB, is 80 euros cheaper than the more modest version of the iPhone 12 with 64 GB. However, at the hardware level we know that Android terminals always put more meat on the grill. That is why whoever is looking for an iPhone 12 may not be a hindrance to these 80 euros. On the contrary, the Samsung device sports more technologies at the load level, a very powerful processor and more options to play with the cameras. The last word, however, will always be in your pocket. We remind you of the official prices of both devices in all their memory variants.

  • iPhone 12 64GB: 909 euros
  • iPhone 12 128GB: 959 euros
  • 256GB iPhone 12 : 1079 euros
  • Galaxy S20 FE 128GB 5G: € 759
  • Galaxy S20 FE 256GB 5G: € 829