Samsung Daily: How to Customize It with One UI

For years Android has been dominated by the vertical feed, an option that has become very popular thanks to Google Discover. However, other manufacturers integrate their own feed, as is the case with Samsung, which integrates endless possibilities in Samsung Daily on the left side of the home screen to make life easier for us.

This feed in Samsung increases the possibilities of the mobile, tries to save us intermediate steps and therefore time. With a simple gesture we have access to it, making it automatically configure several services that it integrates. With this we can quickly enter the chapter of our favorite Netflix series, listen to a podcast that we have in half or know the breaking news.

Samsung Daily, everything you need to know

Samsung veterans will find this option built into One UI familiar, coming from a redesign of Bixby Home . In these years, artificial intelligence is also present with the intention of putting what we need on a platter and offering us the latest in a few quick touches.

samsung daily

This feed is collected under our name once we add the Samsung account to the smartphone and access our location to also provide us with weather information. To make it more friendly and interesting, it is also optimized to adapt to the dark mode or light mode of the mobile. The news sections are based on the upday app, making you learn from the news that interests us and improve the results offered over time.

How to customize Samsung Daily

To carry out the options that allow us to change the appearance, as well as what appears in Samsung Daily on our mobile, we will have to touch on the three points in the upper right part. This will lead us to a series of options, where we will first touch on cards.

personalizar samsung daily

From here we will be able to choose the elements that are displayed on our Daily screen . As you can see, the options are very varied and Samsung constantly integrates new possibilities. It also allows us to reorder it, for example to have the news in first position and then the multimedia content.

Another way to hide content from the feed is to touch the small icon on each of the cards to the right, from here we can choose not to appear again. In the Samsung Daily settings we also have access to the possibility of creating an icon between the applications, using it as if it were just another app.

personalizar Samsung daily tarjetas

Finally, if we wish, we can also completely remove the tool from our smartphone by tapping on the option “Unsubscribe from Samsung Daily” and this function will be removed from our mobile.