Samsung: How to Add a Photo to Your Phonebook Contacts

Contacts are a fundamental part of the interaction with our smartphone. They are not only necessary to start telephone conversations from our agenda, but they are also present in messaging applications that we use every day. Samsung contacts can be easily managed from the OneUI layer, including the ability to add a custom photo to each contact.

Samsung: Add Photo to Your Phonebook Contacts

We may have hundreds of contacts in our phonebook, but the only identifier we see is the name and search letter of the phonebook itself. However, the function of being able to personalize each contact with a photo of it, be it its face or an element that helps us to better identify it, is easy to do.

Change contact photo

The function requires that we have photos, at least of the main contacts such as family and friends , but we can always put other images as a contact photo including some default ones or that we have in the Photo Gallery. To be able to do this is very simple, since we will only have to slide up or down to access the applications screen and then we will enter the Contacts app.

samsung foto a contactos

Three options to choose photo

Once inside we will have to look for the contact on which we want to add a photo. Now we will enter the options and we will see that in the section where a photo would go, we see the icon of a camera. We will only have to touch on that icon we will have three options before us to add a photo:

  • Default image : these are the images that the system has and that can be used to identify a contact when we do not have their real photo or do not want to put it.
  • Take a new photo : if the contact is with us, we can select this option to take a new photo from the camera.
  • Photo from the gallery: in this case we will access all the photos and albums on our mobile phone to select the photo we want from all the available ones.

Visible in phonebook and calls

The last step when we have finished is to click on “Save” and we will be able to see the selected photo each time we go to the profile of this contact in our phone book. We can change or delete the image by following the same steps we have taken previously, and repeat the process with as many contacts we want to have personalized. In addition, when the contact calls us or we call them, the photo will appear in the call menu.