Safari tricks you need to know

Safari tricks

Apple users consider Safari as their favorite browser due to its security, fast performance, search speed, and perfect compatibility with Cupertino products. However, some users may not be aware of all the features and functions that Safari offers. In this post, we will explore some hidden features that can help improve productivity and efficiency while using Safari.

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Efficient and fast browsing is essential and tabbed browsing is a key feature for this. Safari offers different tools to enhance its navigability such as the ability to reorder tabs. Simply press the button and determine the order in which you want the tabs to appear. Additionally, you can group tabs by holding down the Shift key and selecting multiple tabs, then right-click and choose “Group Tabs.”

Another useful option is the ability to mute tabs that play audio or send notifications. To do this, simply click on the tab and select “Mute Tab” or “Mute Other Tabs” from the drop-down menu.

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Safari offers even more features to enhance browsing efficiency and productivity. One of them is the ability to take full screenshots of a webpage and save it in PDF format. To do this, simply press Command + Shift + S and select “Export as PDF”, then choose the location to save the file. The resulting PDF will contain the entire webpage, including the parts that are not visible on the screen.

Another useful tool is the reader’s view, which eliminates ads, images, and unnecessary elements from a webpage. To activate it, click on the “Reader” icon in the address bar. The reader view can also be customized by going to “Preferences” > “Websites” > “Reader mode”.


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Safari also provides the ability to customize your browsing experience by adding your frequently visited websites to the bookmarks bar. Simply drag the URL from the address bar and drop it onto the favorites bar. You can also organize your bookmarks into folders to keep them neat and easily accessible. Additionally, you can create a smart folder by going to Bookmarks > Add Smart Folder and setting the parameters to filter the bookmarks that you want to be included in the folder.


Safari, like the rest of Apple’s ecosystem, comes with several security and privacy features. You can enable “private browsing” by clicking on it, opening a Safari window, and selecting File > Preferences > General > New Private Window. In this mode, Safari won’t store your browsing history, cookies, or form information.

In addition, Apple’s native browser includes new keyboard shortcuts that can increase your search speed and efficiency. Some of the most useful shortcuts include: command + T to open a new tab, command + W to close the current tab, command + Shift + T to reopen the last closed tab, command + L to select the address bar, command + F to find text on the current page, and command + R to reload the current page.

In addition, Safari also allows you to customize its start-up settings to better suit your preferences, such as showing your frequently visited websites. To do this, go to Safari > Preferences > General and choose the option that best suits your needs.