Rlaxx Arrives, a New Streaming Platform with 27 Free Channels

Rlaxx Arrives, a New Streaming Platform with 27 Free Channels

AVODs (advertising-based video on demand), better known as free streaming platforms with advertising, continue to arrive in Spain. Without a doubt, Pluto TV’s offer is one of the most popular with its intention to reach 100 channels before the end of the year. Later the Rakuten TV channels arrived with a proposal of 90 free channels with advertising. Now comes rlaxx, a new streaming platform with 27 free channels that can be viewed from various Smart TV models .

Pluto TV, Rakuten TV Channels, Tivify and now rlaxx are the main alternatives to watch TV for free. Some channels are common to all the proposals while other platforms, such as Tivify, focus more on offering DTT, at least in its free version. This new rlaxx platform is of German origin and is present in quite a few Smart TV models, although, for the moment, not in Samsung.

All 27 free rlaxx channels

The platform has live channels, but also content on demand. On the live, we can pause the content and they will “bother” us with a unique ad every few minutes . At the moment, it cannot be seen from the web or through applications for iOS or Android, although it is being worked on.


At the moment, the live channels that we can see amount to a total of 27, the list being the following:

  1. rlaxx True Crime
  2. Vevo Pop
  3. #CS – Surfing Connection
  4. rlaxx Nature
  5. Garage TV
  6. Anima Kids
  7. rlaxx Documentaries
  8. Thrill One
  9. Taste tv
  10. WPT – World Poker Tour
  11. Comedy dynamics
  12. Life on the Edge
  13. The Boat Show
  14. Music baeble
  15. Motor Racing
  16. Drink TV
  17. Skuff TV
  18. NYX Channel
  19. Horizon Sports
  20. Wness TV
  21. Skwadl
  22. Channel Fight
  23. Young hollywood
  24. Duck TV
  25. Power Nation
  26. Nosy
  27. Revry

The application is now available on Amazon Fire TV, TVs with Android TV operating system, Smart TV with LG webOS, Panasonic TVs, Hisense, Sharp, Apple TV devices, Toshiba, Medion, Metz, JVC, Telefunken and Grundig. And soon on Samsung Smart TV or Roku, as well as for mobiles and tablets through the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. In these cases, we can sign up to receive a notice by mail about availability.

Regarding its operation, the truth is that it is more than correct, although in some devices it takes some time to change the channel. The content offer is not the greatest compared to its main rivals, but it is a good option to access channels that are even included in pay television platforms.