Revolution in MIUI 12.5. No more losing photos, videos, or files

Since we met MIUI 12.5 we have not stopped taking great joys with this version. Xiaomi promised to completely change the layer, beginning to solve the errors and integrating many improvements, something that so far is fully complying and with great changes.

To carry out all the solutions and integration of the novelties, the opinion of the users in forums and social networks is being taken into account. That is why the latest news that will arrive with MIUI 12.5 has to do with the backups in Xiaomi , which had left many complaints about their limitations.

Revolution in MIUI 12.5

Your files will be more secure on MIUI 12.5

In case you have tried at some point to create a backup copy on your Xiaomi locally, and then format the terminal, you will have run into a serious problem. A difficulty that can appear when making the copy or worse, when we try to restore the MIUI backup on our Xiaomi smartphone again. Well, it is like this when we clearly see that we cannot recover the photos, videos or files from the phone.

restaurar copia de seguridad local xiaomi

As we show in the screenshots, until now there was no option in MIUI to save those important elements of our smartphone. The only alternative that existed was to use Xiaomi Cloud, although its 5 GB of free storage is very poor and they are not able to protect our gallery without having to go through the box.

The latest MIUI 12.5 beta has let us know about this great change with which we could make backup copies of everything we want on our Xiaomi mobile. A change that will be applied progressively to all models. An option that will make us forget the limitations of backups in Xiaomi. The source even provides us with an image of what the renewed options panel will look like, with these changes:

nuevas copias seguridad miui 12.5

What is not clear for now is whether we are going to have to create a backup with the entire gallery and with all the files or if, on the contrary, we will be able to choose certain folders or elements. What of course we can choose is the type of elements to include in the backup copies . A very important option when it comes to restoring a mobile phone and then recovering it again without losing any files along the way or without a slow and complex process to return everything to its place.