Review of iPhone 13 and 13 mini, features, prices and more data

It’s time to analyze the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini. Apple‘s 2021 smartphones in its high category, although not the most premium. Two devices that there is a lot to say about, so we will analyze both their specifications on paper and the actual experience they bring. If you have any questions about them, after this post they will all be removed.

Review of iPhone 13 and 13 mini

iPhone 13 and 13 mini specification table

As we already told you a few lines ago, it is important to know what these devices are at a technical level. Pure and hard data that, however, we believe should be analyzed as we will do in the following sections. In any case and to whet your appetite, here is the table with its characteristics.

iphone 13 mini y iphone 13

Characteristics iPhone 13 mini iPhone 13
Colors -White star
-Midnight black
-White star
-Midnight black
Dimensions -Height: 13.15 centimeters
-Width: 6.42 centimeters
-Thickness: 0.76 centimeters
-Height: 14.67 centimeters
-Width: 7.15 centimeters
-Thickness: 0.76 centimeters
Weight 140 grams 173 grams
Screen 5.4-inch Liquid Retina HD (IPS) 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR (OLED)
Resolution 2,340 x 1,080 at 476 pixels per inch 2,532 x 1,170 at 460 pixels per inch
Brightness 800 nits (typical) and up to 1,200 nits (HDR) 800 nits (typical) and up to 1,200 nits (HDR)
Processor A15 Bionic with 16-core Neural Engine A15 Bionic with 16-core Neural Engine
Internal memory -128 GB
-256 GB
-512 GB
-128 GB
-256 GB
-512 GB
Speakers Dual stereo speaker Dual stereo speaker
Battery capacity 2,406 mAh * 3,227 mAh *
Autonomy -Audio playback: 55 hours
-Video Playback: 17 hours
-Video streaming: 13 hours
-Audio playback: 75 hours
-Video Playback: 19 hours
-Video streaming: 15 hours
Frontal camera 12 Mpx lens with f / 2.2 aperture 12 Mpx lens with f / 2.2 aperture
Rear camera -Wide angle: 12 Mpx with aperture of f / 1.6
-Ultra wide angle: 12 Mpx with aperture of f / 2.4
-Wide angle: 12 Mpx with aperture of f / 1.6
-Ultra wide angle: 12 Mpx with aperture of f / 2.4
Connector Lightning Lightning
Face ID Yes Yes
Touch ID No No
Price From 809 euros at Apple From 909 euros at Apple

* About RAM and battery: this data is not offered by Apple, although it has been obtained based on various tools capable of offering this type of data.

All about its design

In a device that you are going to use every day for a long time such as an iPhone, the aesthetic issue is not trivial. We believe that in the end it may not be decisive in the purchase choice, since there are other more prominent sections on its performance that have a greater weight, but in any case it is evident that it is an important point.

Its colors and form factor

At first we see that they maintain the animated color palette that once opened the iPhone 5c, recovered the ‘XR’ and has been followed since then by the iPhone 11 and 12 until reaching these ’13’. Some colors for all tastes and that to a greater or lesser extent make an interesting difference with respect to the ‘Pro’ models that have elegant colors, but somewhat colder.

iphone 13 mini

The form factor of these devices follows the same line as their predecessors with straight edges in the purest iPhone 4 style. In fact, there are no changes beyond a slight increase in thickness, practically negligible, the increase in size of the camera module on the back. rear and the change of its double lens when it happens to be diagonal. On the front a smaller notch that we will talk about in the screen section. For the rest, and ignoring the different tones, they are devices that are very reminiscent of the previous ones.

Convenience and one-handed use

Precisely the straight frames of these devices represent a differential element at an aesthetic level, but also in ergonomics. They are devices that a priori adhere very well to the hand . It is true that they can get a bit annoying in the hand if they have been held for a long time and a little force is applied, but it is not something exaggerated or worth noting beyond this mention.

If that can become slippery depending on the cover that is put on it. If it is made of silicone materials, normally they tend to worsen the grip a bit and although it has not fallen at any time, we have had moments in which there has been slight anguish.

comodidad iphone 13 mini

And when it comes to wearing it for several minutes and even hours, we can only give good impressions. Certain are all the advantages that are mentioned of models like the ‘Pro Max’ in reference to gaining more screen and enjoying the content better, but with devices like the iPhone 13 we find a more than fair size to consume content without difficulty and without weighing us down.

Precisely how light both models are is one of the aspects that most attracts our attention, so much so that sometimes we even forget that we carry it in our pocket, especially the ‘mini’ model. Phone that, by the way, if we can blame it for not being the most ideal for consuming videos or enjoying video games, at least continuously, since in the end its screen size is too short.

In general, they are extremely comfortable devices and ready to carry in any pocket, backpack or bag without being in the way. Perfect for one-handed use , for long calls without tiring your hand, and ideal for taking videos or photos at any time without feeling like you’re pulling a brick.

iphone 13 en mano

Excellent quality screens

It took a long time, but with the iPhone 12, Apple finally added screens with OLED technology to all of its smartphones. And obviously with the ’13’ it was not going to be an exception and they continue to offer this type of panel. The quality of these far exceeds the classic IPS-LCD devices such as the iPhone 8, iPhone XR or iPhone 11 mounted.

It is true that this technology tends to offer a more exaggerated range of colors at times, but Apple has worked very well in calibrating these and they offer very sharp colors without losing quality , with special emphasis on black colors. These are precisely interpreted on the screen by turning off the pixels in that area, which gives rise to what is known as “pure black”.

panel oled iphone 13

And if there is something that has caught our attention (for the better) it is the brightness. In this they improve their predecessors by offering greater luminosity that although it is true that in normal conditions it is not appreciated too much, it can be noticed in adverse conditions in which the light falls directly on the screen.

We emphasize again here that perhaps they are not the most suitable equipment for multimedia content, especially the ‘mini’, it is more a matter of screen size than quality. And it is that at the resolution level they do not fall short and allow you to enjoy videos in 4K quality and with a perfect pixel density for their sizes.

Certain is the absence of ProMotion technology that allows to have refresh rates of up to 120 Hz, a characteristic that the ’13 Pro ‘have and that gives more dynamism and fluidity to any action carried out on these devices. However, we cannot say that not incorporating it is a bad thing. The effect caused by trying these screens for the first time is amazing and becomes so addictive that, even though you get used to it, you immediately miss it when you test a mobile that works at 60 Hz like these iPhone 13 and 13 mini.

If you come from an Android device with 120 Hz, you will notice this absence. We do not know to what extent it may be important to you, but we believe that it is not a drama either. But if you come from an Android with 60 Hz or an iPhone from previous generations, you will have nothing to reproach in this regard. After all, you can’t miss something you’ve never had.

pantalla iphone 13 mini

With regard to the famous iPhone eyebrow, known as notch, there is something to comment that we already anticipated previously. And it is that Apple has reduced the notch by 20% , making it narrower, although slightly higher. Keep in mind that this element had been the same in all the brand’s devices since the iPhone X, so it is a very appreciable change and especially if you come from a previous one.

Now, is this eyebrow reduction noticeable on a day-to-day basis? Well not really. In the end, it is still placed in the same place and its reduction has not allowed to incorporate more elements in the upper bar, but on the contrary, the size of the text of the time and the coverage icons has been increased. The notch at the end is something you love or hate, so beyond telling you that you get used to change quickly, we can’t tell you anything else, since in the end you should be the one to judge if it seems right, wrong or indifferent to you. this change.

Doubts about your performance

Surely you have several doubts about what it is like in the end to have one of these devices. Either to make a more measured or more intensive use, there are several aspects to address in the frequent doubts about the performance of these iPhone 13 and 13 mini. In the following sections you will find an answer to them.

How do they work on a day-to-day basis?

The A15 Bionic chip that they incorporate is an excellent evolution of the previous ones, although if we go more to the general use that we usually make of mobile phones, we must say that it is not so appreciable. And this is not necessarily bad, since it does not mean that they are not good processors, since in various tests carried out it can be seen that it is one of the best chips on the market and, without a doubt, the best that Apple has ever made for a smartphone.

In everyday tasks the devices are very fluid. They open the applications quickly, load the content also in a fluid way and there are no jerks even in the most demanding video games. Therefore, although it is far from being a computer chip, in the end iPhones are not, and we assure you that you will not have any complaints in this section.

jugando con iphone 13

Although this processor that they incorporate most affects tasks such as processing photos and videos , of which we will talk more in depth in its corresponding section. Although we do want to anticipate that in the end it is the culprit that the photographic results of an iPhone look so good despite not having the best specifications in the cameras.

How long will they receive iOS updates?

Again we refer to the A15 processor, and it is the brain of everything and to which all the good performance and software that these iPhone have is attributed. Apple designs an identical iOS for each iPhone model, removing some specific differences that for hardware reasons they cannot support. And in these, for obvious reasons of its recent launch, they were not going to be one of those exceptions.

There is no exact figure marked, but if we see the trend that Apple is leading when it comes to updating its old devices, it is expected that these will continue to be updated at least 5-6 years since its launch. In fact, it is possible that you get tired of these terminals than they of you, although you should know that in the end they are devices that withstand the passage of the years very well at the software level and that even when they stop having support they are still more than valid.

ios 15 en iphone 13

What storage option is recommended?

A good news that these iPhones have brought with them is that for the first time all the smartphones of an Apple generation start from 128 GB . And while the ‘Pro’ go to 1 TB of cap, these have a limit of 512 GB that is not anything, but not bad. Choosing one or the other at the end, like almost everything, will depend on your type of use.

If you don’t want to pay for iCloud, it is possible that with 128 GB it will already work for you, but if you are to take a lot of photos and videos, install applications and even store files in the phone’s own memory, 256 GB will probably be more optimal. With the 512 GB you will be able to go more than enough, yes, although perhaps the extra expense that it entails does not compensate you unless you are a true heavy user.

If, on the other hand , you already have an iCloud fee or plan to pay it, the 128 GB seems more than enough. And more if the rate you purchase from the cloud service is at least 200 GB. If you also do not usually give much to the photographic field, more than sure that with the base storage capacity you will be left over, something that with the already old 64 GB could not be said so lightly.

Is the battery of the iPhone 13 enough?

Again we say this and we do not want it to remain as a mantra of the whole analysis, but it depends. Apple gives a series of data like the ones we have shown you in the specifications table that, although it may be accurate, in the end no one uses the mobile for a single such specific task and for so long uninterruptedly.

And although in any case it is impossible to give an exact data because there is none, we can make an approximation. Starting with what the iPhone 13 mini offers . This device improves on the iPhone 12 mini quite substantially, although it is to be recognized that it is not that now it is a beast at it. With “normal” uses such as consulting social networks, using messaging apps, calls and taking the occasional photo, it is a device that arrives well at the end of the day. It is not that it is left over, but hold the pull.

parte trasera iphone 13 mini

However, with a slightly more intense use that not only approaches 6 hours of screen, but also implies having given a cane to the camera, video calls, use of mobile data, etc., in the end if that should be resorted to. to the loader sooner than we might like. And it is that in the end with uses like this, autonomy is something that must be sacrificed with the other advantages it provides in terms of comfort and practicality. If in your case this is decisive, perhaps it would not be your ideal mobile.

And continuing with the duration in the iPhone 13 , we must say that here we can practically have no complaints. It is still not the one that offers the most autonomy, a privilege reserved for the ’13 Pro Max ‘, but one more year it once again surpasses the 6.1-inch’ Pro ‘. With uses such as those discussed above in “normal” mode, it is a phone that may end up with an interesting battery percentage of around 20% after 6 hours of screen time. It still requires a charge at night, but it doesn’t leave you afraid of getting stranded sooner.

And with more intensive uses if it is true that you have to be more aware of having a plug nearby, but it tends to hold up better. In general, it is a device that, if a note were to be given in this regard, it would be in the remarkable. Not a notable high, but not a notable low either. It does what it promises and if you are not a heavy user, it is likely that you will not even worry.

Is 5G already something to consider?

We will start this section with its conclusion: No. It is true that 5G connectivity is the most immediate future and that there are numerous tests that show that its speed far exceeds 4G. However, it is still a technology weighed down by the lack of infrastructure. It is appreciated that Apple finally incorporates this feature to its smartphone, especially thinking in the medium-long term for those who are going to keep their iPhone for years, but not today.

Except for a few areas that are generally found in large cities, 5G is still not equipped with the highest speed and in many cases it is even advisable to deactivate it . There are situations in which 5G can be captured, but its intensity is so low that in the end higher speeds are obtained with 4G.

5g iphone 13

Another aspect to note is that, unless you buy one of these iPhone in the United States, it will not have a built-in mmWave antenna. The reason for this could be mainly due to the fact that in Europe, and more specifically in Spain in our case, there is no deployment of this connectivity, so we have a “5G capped” that in the end ends up being a “4G +”.

How do they develop in photo and video?

Let’s start, as at the beginning, giving the most technical data and then we will tell you more in depth each field.

specs iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini
Front lens type TrueDepth camera: 12 Mpx with aperture of f / 2.2
Photos front camera -HDR Smart 4
-Portrait Mode with Depth Control
-Portrait Lighting
-Retina Flash (with screen)
-Night mode
-Deep Fusion
Front camera videos -Recording in 4K (Ultra HD) at 24, 25, 30 or 60 frames per second
-Recording in HDR Dolby Vision up to 4K (Ultra HD) at 60 frames per second
-Recording in 1,080p (Full HD) at 25, 30 or 60 frames per second
-1080p slow motion at 120 frames per second
Cinema-quality stabilization (4K, 1080p and 720p)
-Cinema mode
-Video QuickTake
Types of rear lenses -Wide angle: 12 Mpx with aperture of f / 1.6
-Ultra wide angle: 12 Mpx with aperture of f / 2.4
Photos rear cameras -Zoom zoom: x2 (optical)
Zoom in Pro: x5 (digital)
-Portrait Mode with Depth Control
-Portrait Lighting
-Optical stabilization by sensor displacement
-HDR Smart 4
-Photographic Styles
-Night mode
-Deep Fusion
-Flash TrueTone
Rear camera videos -Recording in 4K (Ultra HD) at 24, 25, 30 or 60 frames per second
-Recording in 1080p (Full HD) at 25, 30 or 60 frames per second
Recording in HDR with Dolby Vision in 4K (Ultra HD) up to 60 frames per second
-Slow motion 1080p (Full HD) at 120 or 240 frames per second
-Mode Cinema in 1080p (Full HD) at 30 frames per second
-Optical stabilization by sensor displacement
-Zoom zoom: x2 (optical)
– Zoom in: x3 (digital)
-Audio zoom
-Time-lapse with stabilization
-Time-lapse with Night Mode
-Video QuickTake
-Stereo recording

camaras iphone 13

We first analyze what is probably the great novelty of these iPhone 13 both at the general level, and at the camera level in particular: the video. And more specifically the Cinema Mode, which is a Video Portrait Mode that Apple has integrated for the first time in these terminals. It must be said that, despite not working with the same blurring efficiency as the ‘Pro’ aided by its LiDAR sensor, they do quite well.

This video mode allows you to capture subjects (people or objects) and blur the background in a very appreciable way that, as the name suggests, makes it seem that we are watching a movie. It works automatically , being able to recognize what we want to focus on and with particularities such as that if the person turns their head back to look at another, the focus is shifted to that person who was previously out of focus in the background. It can be readjusted live anyway, but if there is something to note is that it can be retouched once recorded from the editing functions of the native iPhone gallery.

modo cine iphone 13

In other areas of video, the camera of these iPhones is still one of the best on the market, offering a great result, improving even more due to the stabilization by sensor displacement . This, unlike the classic stabilization, offers a sensor that, as its name suggests, is capable of moving as much as you do, so that noise is eliminated from the image and everything is much clearer and more stable. This function is also available for photography as you will have already seen in the specifications table above.

At the photographic level, it must be said that it does not allow to have the Macro Mode that the ‘Pro’ have, so we are deprived of photographs of great beauty to subjects, objects and surfaces at very small distances. However, they perform very well in the photo functions they offer. The difference with the iPhone 12 is not great and in fact we could say that, except for the Night Mode with Ultra Wide Angle , the results are identical. And in fairness, even in that aforementioned mode there are many similarities.

The Deep Fusion continues to deliver great results. If you had missed it, we remind you that this is a feature introduced with the iPhone 11 and that it is still present in the ’13’. It does not require configuration or you have to do anything, since it is automatic and what it does is take 10 snapshots in thousandths of a second to create an almost perfect composition of the image with a higher level of detail that is especially appreciated when zooming. A really brilliant computational treatment of photography carried out by the highly valued A15 Bionic chip that we already mentioned in its section that is guilty of things like this.

foto del iphone 13 mini

The Portrait Mode is still a safe value and more being able to determine the depth level before taking the photo or after from the editing settings. And it works well with both the rear and the front camera , of which there are no major changes compared to previous versions. In all its modalities, it continues to fulfill perfectly and above all with its own additions to the rear such as Deep Fusion and even Cinema Mode.

In the conclusions of this post we will tell you to what extent these iPhone are recommended or not depending on what device you have now, but we already anticipate that if you are a lover of photography and video you will be able to enjoy it a lot. Of course, they are not the ones that provide the most quality or versatility of their series, since the ‘Pro’ are still above in this section.

Other information about the iPhone 13

Then we leave you with another series of information that, although it may seem secondary with respect to what has already been said, it does not cease to seem important to us. Data about the level of resistance of these to water or dust, what includes the box and … of course, the price.

About its resistance to water and dust

These devices are IP68 certified that what this standard basically means is that 6 is their degree of protection against dust on a scale of 0 to 6, so it is at its maximum at this point. The 8 refers to its resistance to water, having in this case a scale from 0 to 8 that also places it at the highest level of protection against these elements.

Now, we must make you a series of warnings in this regard and that is that these certificates are granted by the level of sealing that these devices carry. The main input that dust and water have on these iPhones is through the Lightning port, but also from the speakers, microphone and even the SIM tray. And although its sealing is correct, it is normal that its resistance decreases over time, so it is more dangerous at the end that liquid or dust enters them after 6 months or 1 year than in the first week since you opened it.

cuerpo iphone 13 It is not advisable to bathe with them , despite the fact that the indications say that they are even submersible. There is a risk of water getting inside, and although there are possibilities that it is not, the fundamental reason that we recommend not doing so is because the guarantee does not cover possible damage caused by humidity or dust. And this is controversial even with these certifications, but unfortunately neither Apple nor the vast majority of manufacturers take care of it.

What this certification is useful for in the end is to gain peace of mind if a liquid is spilled nearby or if it falls into the water at any given moment, but as long as you remove it immediately and try to dry it following the recommendations timely. And yes, of course you are free to do what you want with it, but using the proverb, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Prices that vary according to your capacity

The fact that the sale of these devices is not exclusive to Apple, but is also offered in other stores means that sometimes there are different prices. However, in most cases they always stick to the official price set by the company, which always keeps them fixed until the arrival of new devices.

  • iPhone 13 mini:
    • 64 GB capacity: 809 euros
    • 128 GB capacity: 929 euros
    • 512 GB capacity: 1,159 euros
  • iPhone 13:
    • 64 GB capacity: 909 euros
    • 128 GB capacity: 1,029 euros
    • 512 GB capacity: 1,259 euros

apple iphone 13

It can be seen that between them there is a difference of 100 euros in their same capacities. Difference that in the end is caused by the larger size of the iPhone 13, especially its screen. Also in the field of the battery can influence, but you will have been able to observe apparently in previous points that they are in the end the only differences between them.

What’s in the box and what’s not in the box

Unleashed the controversy in 2020, this fact already seems to gain less force, despite the fact that it continues to occur. And it is that Apple no longer includes a charging adapter in the box of its iPhone, having to buy it separately in your store if you want or in any other store. The classic EarPods wired headphones do not come either and, of course, neither the corresponding 3.5 mm Jack to Lightning adapter that was included with the iPhone X, finally ceasing to be included with the ’11’.

What is included in the box is a 0.5 meter Lightning to USB-C cable . Beyond this, nothing additional is included apart from some small papers with legal regulations and with a link to the internet user manual, as well as the now classic sticker with the Apple logo . And yes, we say sticker and not stickers because they no longer add two, but one.

A detail to highlight is that the box no longer comes with plastic around it, but a small strip on the top and bottom back that are used to unpack it. Above all, keep it in mind if when you buy one of these and you are going to open it, you have doubts about whether it is already used because it does not have plastic, since it is normal from these devices.

Do previous iPhone cases work?

We have even mentioned that they are practically equal in size to the previous models, as well as in their form factor. This a priori could give us wings to believe that the covers would also work, but no. Only the iPhone 13 shares cases with the ’13 Pro ‘, being in this case 100% identical in dimensions. The ‘mini’ for its part will need exclusive covers without being used by those of the iPhone 12 mini.

The reason that the iPhone 12 cases do not work despite the similarities we find is mainly due to the increase in the size of the camera module of the most recent models. Also the buttons have changed slightly, so not even an iPhone 13 or 13 mini case can be worth its successors.

todos los iphone 13

Final conclusions, are the iPhone 13 worth it?

At this point and having seen all of the above, we conclude this analysis by explaining, depending on various factors, to what extent it is convenient for you to buy one of these terminals and to what degree we recommend them if you already have an iPhone of a previous generation.

Why choose (or not) the ’13 mini ‘

This device is aimed at a very particular audience so, apart from looking at its technical specifications, it is essential to become aware of its size. It is a device that sometimes becomes too small , which on the other hand can be very positive for those who are looking for the best compact phone on the market and more if we look at the iPhone.

If you are aware of this and also take into account that despite the improvements, its battery can give you headaches, you will gain a lot in the field of versatility. Despite that size, you have already seen that it is a device capable of offering excellent performance in multiple disciplines such as photography and video. And although it is not the most suitable for continuous multimedia consumption, its screen is of great quality.

When is the iPhone 13 recommended (the normal one)

The first thing, to tell you that this is also a very compact device . Not as much as the previous one, but saying that it is a large phone does not go with it either. It has a very low weight and offers great features like the ‘mini’, but above with greater autonomy that improves even the iPhone 13 Pro, a device with which it is perhaps more comparable for size reasons.

If you do not mind the absence of the telephoto lens as if it has that mentioned ‘Pro’ model and the 120 Hz is not essential for you, in the end it is the most sensible choice of devices of the entire iPhone 13 range. We will explain you in the next section, it will also depend on the mobile from which you intend to jump to this.

iphone 13

Please note the device you came from

If you come from an Android , regardless of what it is, the matter is different. We understand that you will want to switch (or return) to iOS and you will have compared what these devices offer you compared to what the one you have gives you. If you’re not sure about making the leap because of specs, see if the software can make up for it. If you are determined to have an Apple mobile, these two are great options taking into account the characteristics already mentioned.

If, on the other hand, you come from an iPhone 12 or 12 mini , we cannot recommend it. Not because the changes introduced are not worth it, because then ultimately they are better devices, but it is not that there is such an important leap between generations that it really improves your experience in all areas. They are rather a small evolution or improved version of the ’12’.

Another thing is that you manage to sell your current device at a good price and have that whim of changing to one of the ’13’, which we no longer judge. As we also believe that the change can be interesting if you come from a ’12 mini ‘and need more screen, something that will undoubtedly give you the iPhone 13. The same in reverse, and that is if you come from a’ 12 ‘and you If you want to try a more compact one, the iPhone 13 mini is also a good option.

apple iphone 13

The changes from, for example, an iPhone 11 are already more to take into account. Here if you are going to notice a considerable jump at the design level due to the difference in the edges, at the screen level due to the change to an OLED and even autonomy. Also in the photographic subject, which although it is not the most remarkable change, it is evident. Although if you are happy with the device, you should know that it is not an absolutely radical change either, so we advise you to think about it and to what extent investment in the new one can be a problem.

Already from an iPhone XS or earlier if we believe that it is worth more and the jump is more noticeable, especially at the camera level due to the introduction of modes such as Deep Fusion, ultra wide angle lens, Night Mode or Cinema Mode. Although again we return to emphasize the economic issue and whether it is going to be a fuss for you. We do not want to spoil the party for anyone, least of all at this final paragraph, but have certain certainty that you can afford it, see if it will be worth the change and, if you finally decide … Enjoy it a lot!