How to reset any Xiaomi Mi Band. Factory restoration

One of the most popular gadgets is Xiaomi‘s activity tracker, the Mi Band. And we are facing a smartband designed for sports by the Asian brand that offers us for a very low price to know the steps we have taken, our sleep quality and many other functions.

However, it is likely that, at some point, we will need to return to factory settings on our Mi Band 4, which we can do in a very different way than how we can restore our mobile when it suffers an error. By restoring the factory data on our wearable, we are not compromising our progress , since this data is stored on a remote server protected by our account, which we will have to enter to use the sports bracelet again.

How to reset any Xiaomi Mi Band

Although, we must bear in mind that we may lose a few days of training or sleep, but it will be possible if the application has not been able to successfully receive this data. There are two ways to restore the data of the Mi Band 4, 5, 6 … The first will be a quick and easy way from the color touch screen that it incorporates, or we can choose a second alternative in which we will need to have our mobile.

Reset from the Mi Band

To return the Mi Band 4 to its original state , or any Xiaomi model you have , we will have to touch on its screen and then slide to the More section and touch on it. Now we go back to scroll until we find the Settings where we are going to enter and finally we will click on Factory reset . Then it will ask us to confirm this action, as a security method.

Restablecer valores de fábrica Mi Band 4

Once we have done this, the bracelet will restart eliminating all the stored data and at the end we will be able to link our smartband back to our mobile or a new one, having from the first moment the options available to save battery in our bracelet in a way simple.

Use your mobile

We can do this same process but with our mobile phone linked to the smartband, which can be very useful in case the screen is locked or suffers an error that allows us to use the bracelet. To do this, we will first have to enter the Mi Fit application , synchronize the data with Bluetooth activated and go to our profile to select the device.

Restablecer valores de fábrica Mi Band 4

Once we enter the options we go down to the last option, where we will see the Unlink option in a highlighted button. When we tap on this button, we will have to confirm it and wait for our Xiaomi activity bracelet to begin to erase the data and restart. When it is turned on again, it will have eliminated all the data, leaving it as new and allowing us to reconnect it with any smartphone.

Still not working?

If the problem comes once we have the bracelet just restored from scratch and the control application installed on the phone, we will have to try other methods that we will explain below. More than anything, because if we see that it is impossible for us to pair the device with the mobile, we may have to take these solutions into account.

Check the permissions

When we start to synchronize the smartphone and the smartband after setting our Mi Band 4 or a later model to their factory settings, we will have to allow the app access to the storage, as well as the permission to the location. In case we do not want to do it, we recommend doing it from the first moment, more than anything, because if we do not grant each of the permissions that it requires, we may suffer several operating problems in the Xiaomi bracelet.

To do this, we will only have to go back to Settings of our terminal> Applications> My Fit. And from the permissions section, we will have to grant them at least storage and location. Once these steps are done, we will only have to try to pair the device again with our mobile phone to see if we are now able to link both devices.

Check the Bluetooth

In case we continue to have problems to link the Mi Band 6 or another model with the Mi Fit, it is likely that the Bluetooth connection is the cause of this error that prevents us from working without any problem. Therefore, the best option we can take at that time is to make our mobile phone completely forget about the smartband within the Bluetooth connection options. And everything so that, when we link it again, we have everything ready to work well.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5

Here the problem will be that when we want to reconnect the device to our mobile and leave it semi connected, but not linked, the smartphone may be able to recognize the activity bracelet, but the Mi Fit account will not or vice versa. To avoid this case, we will have to open Settings> Bluetooth> Paired devices and click on the model of your bracelet to forget it, and ensure that pairing problems do not recur. It is also recommended that you check if your phone has problems with Bluetooth that, obviously, will affect more accessories than your bracelet.

Try another app

In some specific moments, a new error has appeared in the Xiaomi smartband that prevented the display of the latest data collected with the Xiaomi Mi Fit application. And, because of this failure in the Mi Fit application, the data stored by it could not be displayed.

Luckily, we can always turn to another app as an alternative. If you want to download it, you will have to click on the following link:

Developer: Huami Inc.

Recently renamed Zeep, this is the app that allows us to manage Amazfit watches with the mobile phone just like Mi Fit does with the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 or a later model. Therefore, it will be a good option if in our case it does not work for us in one way or another with the official Xiaomi application for its smartbands.