How to Report Problems on Android Phones with No Solution

Who more or less has ever had to encounter a problem on their smartphone that makes life a little more complicated and although in most cases they can be solved more or less easily, on other occasions there is no way to fix it. This is where the option to report errors in Android comes into play, a possibility that tries to help the user.

Android mobile problems do not only appear on older or newer smartphones, as anyone can run into an annoying error that ends our patience. In any brand, model and version of the operating system we find errors that deserve to be studied thoroughly so that through an update, the manufacturer gives us the solution that we cannot achieve.

The difference between reporting problems and complaining

In many cases we have been able to see how users leave their problems on Twitter, the official forums or in other alternatives such as Reddit with the intention that someone help them solve a terminal problem . This average is a good option, since it takes us little time to record what is happening to us and perhaps a user with the same mobile phone as us can help us solve a problem, but nevertheless this would be an unofficial complaint that in very rarely will it reach the ears of the developers of the mobile brand.

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However, when we report an error in Android, we are sending an incident notice on the mobile that we have in our hands, where we will be demonstrating what is happening to the device. In this way, our report will go to the file of “official” complaints in which the team will get to work sooner or later.

In the event that there are several users with the same problem, the brand will be able to verify its relevance and will advance the solution so that complaints do not continue to increase and the user experience is the one desired by all. The speed with which they act will depend on the work they have in hand and the relevance of the error.

Report bugs on Android

Although it would be much easier to have the same methods to report problems on all Android phones, the variety of customization layers means that we have a variety of options, which we must take into account when sending a problem to be solved to the manufacturer . It will not help us to try to solve a problem on our smartphone through the help of Google, since it is only directed to their smartphones and cannot control what brands do with their Android adaptations.

The steps to follow in the Google Pixel

What we must do in the smartphones developed by Google to send all the information that is happening to us could not be easier. We just have to go to the terminal settings and go down to the end to touch on “Help and advice”, once inside we will have the possibility to look for the problem that is not affecting or otherwise report the problem, which we can do through the contact methods, but it will be much more advanced and complete if we touch on “Send comments”.

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This will open a new tab where using our Google account we will be able to elaborate a complete text in it we describe the error of the mobile we are suffering. In addition, we have the possibility of adding a system registry that will allow developers to check the status of our device and thus help us more easily. This report includes everything from the Android version to the apps we are currently using or the type of network to which we are connected.

The option to report Xiaomi bugs

In the case of having a smartphone with MIUI, we will have to resort to Xiaomi‘s own application called Services and comments, where we can generate Xiaomi error reports that are sent directly to the brand and through which they get to work on the best solution. It is a service of the most advanced, since it gives us the possibility of explaining in depth through different options what happens to us.

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We can also explain the problem, add screenshots, and even offer suggestions. We can generate a new error log after having suffered the failure and contribute to our official complaint for Xiaomi an infinity of options that add more details to the error so that they can find the solution sooner.

Report bugs on Samsung mobiles

In the case of the manufacturer Samsung, we find a specific option to report bugs within Samsung Members. We can use it on any Samsung Galaxy device, we just have to access the app that comes standard on the device and configure it with our account to access the possibility that we show you.

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To start the process we will have to enter the Help section or touch on a floating bubble that gives us the option to access the error report. After touching this section, a complete list of bugs found will be generated and we will be able to scroll to describe the problem that has arisen . Next we mark the box “Send system registry data” and we proceed to attach the screenshots where we can show the problem. We finally send it and wait for a response or solution in the form of an update.

How to do it on other Android phones

Many manufacturers, such as OPPO or Huawei, do not have their own system to report failures but nevertheless benefit from the report that Google offers us. In this case, the error will go directly to the company and you will have to make a somewhat longer journey, since it will then be shared with the manufacturer itself, but it is still a great idea to use it, since it is the most advanced option to do so. as we are going to teach you next.

Create an advanced bug report on Android

The most complete option that exists in Android to try to notify manufacturers and Google itself about problems , it is one of the possibilities for developers, therefore the first thing we have to do to use it is to enter Settings> Information on the phone and repeatedly tap on “Build number” to access the developer options found in Settings> System.

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Then it will be time to search for “Error report” which we can do manually or with the help of the search magnifying glass of the terminal settings. Once we find it, we have to activate it and depending on the information you give us, we can use it in one way or another. In stock Android phones, we have to press and hold the power button and it will be shown next to the network of power menu options.

By touching the button, an error report will begin to be generated, which will be completed as we perform actions on the smartphone, where we should try to bring up that failure that appears in a section of the system. By tapping on the screenshot button we can make the report even more complete and once completed we can send it for them to study and solve.

The applications that the mobile does not bring are not the manufacturer’s problem

As much as we try to send a problem about an app that we have downloaded from Google Play and even more so outside the store, we will not receive a solution to the problem. These errors are usually focused on the app and its optimization, for that reason what we have to do is direct our annoyance to the application developer himself .

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With the intention of explaining our problems, what we do is access Google Play, search for the app in question and go down to the information to try to find a contact method. In most cases it is not available and that is why we will have to use the reviews to leave an opinion where we expose our inconveniences, the more information we add, the easier it will be to solve the error.