Remove this feature from Windows and improve your security

Windows has many functions that we can use for our connections. One of them is the remote desktop, which can be very useful in many cases to access files from anywhere, for example. Now, the truth is that for home users, the vast majority, it really is a feature that few use. Is it good to have it enabled? It can become a security problem if a vulnerability appears and we have an outdated system. Therefore, in this article we will tell you how to disable remote desktop in Windows .

What to do to remove remote desktop in Windows

Remove this feature from Windows and improve your security

Windows Remote Desktop allows you to connect to your PC from outside, but if you don’t use it, it’s another risk to your security. They could use it to hack you, in case some vulnerability appears and you don’t fix it in time. Although it is a useful feature, if you do not use it, it may be better to disable it.

The main reason is that it uses the RDP protocol , which is widely used by hackers to launch attacks. If they exploit it, they could take control of the systems. From there you are lost, since they could steal data, sneak malware, etc. Disabling this feature will help you avoid problems.

The first option you have is to go to Settings , enter System and there look for the Remote Desktop section. You simply have to click on the button on the right to deactivate it. Windows Remote Desktop will automatically stop being active. You can reverse it at any time.

Deshabilitar el escritorio remoto en Windows

Another option is to go to Start, enter the Control Panel , access System and security, System and Remote Desktop. It will take you to the same previous section and once again you just have to click on deactivate.

You can also use the Windows firewall to block remote desktop. In this case you have to go to Start and open the Windows firewall and click on the option Allow an application or a feature through Windows Defender Firewall. You simply have to uncheck the allow box.

Bloquear el escritorio remoto en el firewall de Windows

The sum of everything is what allows you to avoid attacks

Keep in mind that to really protect your devices it is important that several things are met. On the one hand, it is essential to avoid making mistakes, such as clicking on a fake link, putting personal data where you shouldn’t, installing an unofficial program… That can lead to hackers hacking you.

It is also essential to have a good security program . Using an antivirus is key to avoiding problems. There are many options, both free and paid. What you should look at is that they are reliable and comply with what you expect in order to avoid computer attacks on your devices. You must prevent the antivirus from blocking Chrome and other programs.

On the other hand, keeping the system updated will correct many bugs that may appear. This will be essential to solve vulnerabilities that may exist, for example, in the remote desktop of Windows. Therefore, always update the system and any program you use.

As you can see, disabling Windows remote desktop is very simple. If you have it enabled and don’t really need it, turning it off can help improve security and prevent certain attacks.