How to remove objects and people from photos with your mobile

There are more and more functionalities that we find within the terminals themselves that make them even more indispensable tools. One of them, for example, is the function they have to be able to edit the images that we are taking with the mobile device. In addition, more and more options are being added, making it much easier to do all kinds of edits.

One of the most useful in this case is the possibility that we will have to eliminate any object or person that is in an image. It would not even be necessary to install a third-party application to achieve this, since there are many brands that offer this same functionality. And it is quite common that, when we take a photo with the mobile camera, something can come out that completely spoils the image that we liked so much. But luckily for us, those days of throwing away a good snapshot are long gone.

remove objects and people from photos with your mobile

How to do it according to your mobile

As we said, depending on the brand of smartphones, we will or will not have this tool. Although, we already warned you that there are several large phone companies that have this type of software when editing the images from the gallery of their terminals. Therefore, we leave you the manufacturers that have their own software.

On Samsung

This function was released as one of the star novelties of the One UI 3.1 version , so at first it was exclusive for the Galaxy S20 and Note 20. Although, it is already available for many other terminals.

In order to use the Samsung magic eraser we will have to enter the gallery and touch the Edit option. Then, we will have to click on the icon with the three dots and enter the Labs option. Now, we will only have to activate the object eraser to go on to touch on the areas that we want to erase in the photo. To save the changes, just click on the apply icon.

borrar objetos en samsung

With a Xiaomi

The steps in Xiaomi are also quite simple to follow. The truth is that the Chinese company has been flirting with this function since the times of MIUI 9 , being greatly improved with the arrival of MIUI 12.

Therefore, in order to delete objects or people, we will have to go to the Gallery and open the selected image. Then we will have to click on Edit and look for the Delete or Delete option. Once done, we will only have to mark with our finger what we want to delete and it will disappear automatically.

xiaomi borrar fotos

OPPO and realme

These two smartphone firms go hand in hand, since this software can be found in the phones of both manufacturers following the same steps, and that they no longer share a layer, since we find ColorOS and realme UI. Despite this, we will only have to enter the phone gallery, click on Edit and look for the Draft option. Once this option is selected, we will only have to touch on the object that we want to delete and click on done.

On Huawei

In Huawei mobile devices we can also find this software to remove a person from the photo, but in this case only when the photo has been taken in Motion Photo mode .

This is one of the camera’s options and allows it to recognize objects and process images in real time, capturing a moving photo the moment the shutter button is pressed. When clicking on edit this type of photos, we will see the option Remove passers-by that removes by means of AI removes people from the background in the photos.

quitar objetos en Huawei

Google Pixel

In this case, we are facing an advantage that began to be added in the Google Pixel from Android 12 , so the first to benefit from this technology to erase people from a photograph were the Pixel 6. To begin with, we will have to activate it entering the edit menu in Tool. Also, it will work for any image in the Google Photos gallery. Therefore, we will only have to draw a line around the element that we want to delete from the snapshot.


Live mobiles also allow you to erase objects and people. The method follows the previous pattern, that is, we will have to enter the gallery and click on a specific image, then we will have to click on Edit. Once inside we will have to touch on Object Eliminator and we will mark what we want to erase. Then we click on the confirmation stick and we will have an edited copy with the changes.

eliminar objetos en vivo

And the rest?

However, as you may have noticed for yourself, there are a few brands of smartphones that do not have this functionality missing here. Although, the manufacturer that attracts the most attention in this case is Apple, since in its iPhone it does not have any tool that is capable of facilitating the erasure of those elements that we do not want to appear in our photos. Although it is not the only case, since we cannot find this software on OnePlus or Motorola phones either.

What if you don’t have?

The normal thing is that this type of edition arrives little by little natively to more mobile devices. Meanwhile we will have to wait for it to reach your phone, either Android or iOS. But, if in your case it is necessary to have a tool for this, you can try the following two options that we are going to present to you. In addition, it will fulfill the same function that we have presented before.

remover objetos de fotos

With an app

The first option that we present to you is an application called TouchRetouch , it is also available in the Google Play Store and the App Store to achieve your goal. And although it is one of the best options to meet this objective, the truth is that it will not be free, since we will have to pay 1.99 euros.

Developer: ADVA Soft

However, using this app to delete people or objects from an image on Android and iOS is very simple. Instead of having to upload the images to a computer and having to use Photoshop, this software makes the steps much easier, since we can retouch the photos simply by swiping the screen, as we had seen in the previous cases.

Once we have selected the photograph to edit, from the photo reel or made with the application itself, we will simply have to slide our finger over the area that we want to remove from the image. Once the process is finished, you can save both photos in the gallery of your smartphone.

From a web

In this case, we recommend TheInpaint , a simple to use website. In addition, it is one of the best websites so that we can erase objects from a photograph from a mobile. First of all, we must upload the image by clicking on ‘ Upload Image ‘.

Then, we just have to select the size of the profile and give the object with the brush or select it with the lasso or the magnetic lasso similar to the one you could use in Photoshop. Once you have it selected we will only have to click on the ‘Erase’ button and wait a few seconds.