Comparison between the Xiaomi Redmi 7A and the Motorola E6 Play

Although most of the cake is distributed in the mid-range, the entry range must not be overlooked. These phones, which usually do not reach 130 euros, have increasingly better benefits in relation to their measured price. Today we wanted to face the cheapest Xiaomi mobile , the Redmi 7A, with the new Motorola Moto E6 Play, to see the main differences between them and advantages of one over the other.

The first thing we look at before entering fully into more technical aspects is the design and screen size of both terminals. The Redmi 7A has a size of 5.45 inches with HD + resolution, while the Motorola Moto E6 Play slightly increases that size to 5.5 inches, with the same HD + resolution. The two phones look old-fashioned frames both at the top and ingest of their screen, which in both cases offers an 18: 9 ratios. The featherweight prize goes to the E6 Play, with its 8.3 millimeters and only 145 grams in weight. Xiaomi mobile reaches 165 grams and 9.6 millimeters.

Snapdragon vs MediaTek

If we lift the hood, we see an input range processor in the two phones. In the Redmi 7A we have the Snapdragon 439, enough to perform at basic levels but you cannot do anything with the most demanding games on the market. For its part, the Moto E6 Play incorporates a MediaTek 6739 chip, which we have seen that other mobiles such as the Honor 7S or the LG K20. The two computers incorporate 2 GB of RAM and up to 32 GB of internal storage, which in both cases is expandable by microSD cards.

Classic Cameras

In the cameras section we also don't find a compelling reason to balance one side or the other. Again, the two terminals tie with its 13-megapixel rear camera and a 5-megapixel front camera, with exactly the same aperture on all sensors. The two have the same connections and have Android 9 Pie as the operating system but only the Motorola terminal has a fingerprint sensor, located at its rear. The biggest difference between the Redmi 7A and the Moto E6 Play is in its battery. The Xiaomi mobile reaches 4,000 mAh, for the 3,000 mAh of the Moto. In this sense, autonomy is on the Redmi side.

And the prices?

At this time, we can buy a Redmi 7A for about 84 euros, a price that has been declining from 99 euros, the official price of the device. The Moto E6 for its part, has a price of 109 euros. The difference is not significant to be a trigger in this comparison. We see that the Redmi 7A expires in the section of the battery, but not in that of the security when lacking a fingerprint reader. The user must also take into account the difference in processor and the earliest possibilities of the Redmi 7A to upgrade to Android 10.