How to Record a Program from a Sony, Samsung, LG Smart TV, etc.

How to Record a Program

With platforms with Netflix, HBO, Prime Video, etc., it is difficult to think that today there is still someone who needs to record a television program. But the truth is that there is, and since smart TVs have been integrating this option for a long time, let’s see how to record programs with a Smart TV.

Recording programs in streaming times

Streaming platforms have gotten us all very used to it. Right now, with a couple of presses on the control of our television or set top box, we can access all these services to quickly and easily view infinite content.

However, it must also be said that although it may seem strange there are users who need to be able to record certain programs. For example, sporting events, talk shows, news, etc. In other words, all those contents that are normally only emitted once because they have an “expired” character.

A few years ago, VHS or Betamax tape video recorders were used for this type of thing and later HDD disk recorders . With the passage of time, all that logically fell into oblivion and the recording function was integrated directly into the Smart TVs. Thus, just by connecting a mechanical hard drive or SSD (even a pendrive is also good) you can record anything that is broadcasting traditional television channels and you can watch it as many times as you want.

So let’s see how to record with the main TV brands on the market. Those yes, if you are users of Movistar TV, Vodafone TV, etc., and you have a decoder provided by the company itself, all you have to do is look at their options to see (or check) that they have this recording option.

If the device itself does not give you the option, some operators offer this possibility by hiring an additional service. So you can also find out about the cost, options offered, etc., and assess whether you are interested or not.

However, leaving aside these cases, we are going to focus on what most users will have available yes or yes at home just by having a Smart TV: the recording of programs on an external HDD or SSD.

How to record TV shows on a Smart TV

The vast majority of manufacturers of Smart TVs today offer this option of recording on an external drive the programs broadcast by traditional television networks. It is true that each one calls it in a way and through a route to the different option, but in essence everything works the same.

What you do have to be clear about is that the storage unit must meet minimum requirements. First of all speed, although almost any USB 2.0 will do. The second thing is that it is in a format that allows the television to both read and write . This is normally Fat32 and NTFS, although if it supports ExFat our advice is to go for it. Because then it will be easier to take it to another computer and that it can also see the recorded videos.

If you meet these requirements, you are ready to start TV shows on your television. So, if there is a port reserved for this purpose, look for a USB connection on your Smart TV, connect the hard drive and make your first recording.

How to record on LG TVs

LG TVs integrate webOS as the operating system. In this, the recording option is accessible as follows:

  1. Tap the middle button of your Magic Control
  2. A red button will appear on the screen, in one of the corners
  3. Tap on it and access the recording options
  4. On that screen you will see that you can set both the unit and the recording time, adjust the parameters as you see fit
  5. Hit the button to start recording
  6. Ready

If you are looking to schedule a recording, then you will have to go to the TV Guide and select the program you want to record. Or manually, set the recording day and the start and end time. That’s how easy and simple it is to do it on LG Smart TVs.

How to record on Samsung TVs

Samsung Crystal UHD 2020 TU8005

In the case of Samsung televisions, you have to make some clarifications before seeing how the recording process is. The first, as we already said, is that you can only record the signal that is received through its integrated digital tuner. The second is that the disk or storage unit is formatted in a proprietary Samsung system to protect the copyrights of each of the broadcasts.

Once this is known, to record any program, all you have to do is the following:

  1. Go to the AllShare Play menu
  2. There he locates recorded TV
  3. Connect the hard disk and give it to format to prepare the device
  4. From now on, to use the recording function you just have to press the red button on the remote control or enter the Guide

If you enter the guide, you will see that when you click on a channel, the Record option will appear, click it and it will begin to do so while an indicator appears in the form of a red dot on the screen. If it is with the button on the remote, you will see that point directly.

When you record a program that is being broadcast now you can set a time limit, so as not to over-record. And if you want to schedule a recording, you just have to go to Guide and select both the station and the program that interests you. Then repeat the previous steps, but now entering Schedule recording.

How to record on Sony TVs

Sony A8 OLED

On Sony televisions , once you have connected and prepared the storage unit that you are going to use, starting a recording is very simple and quick to do. You simply have to press the record button on your remote control. Ready, nothing more than that simple action.

If you are interested in scheduling a recording, then the process is slightly different or less fast.

  1. Press the Home button
  2. Then select Guide
  3. Then choose the program you want to record
  4. Click on Scheduled recording and set the timer
  5. Ready

As you can see, also very simple. And then from the Home itself and accessing the recordings you will be able to see everything that you have been capturing.

How to record on Panasonic TVs

Panasonic OLED 2020

Finally, if what you need is to know how to record any television program on a Panasonic model, we will tell you that the process is very similar to that of Sony. From the remote control itself you will see that there is a REC button dedicated exclusively to this function, that of recording on an external USB drive. You just have to press and you will start recording what you are seeing.

If you want to schedule a recording, do this:

  1. Access the TV Guide. In it you will see an informative grid of what all the tuned channels are broadcasting or are going to broadcast in the next few hours and even days
  2. Select what you want to record
  3. Adjust options
  4. Click OK to accept the recording schedule
  5. Confirm and done

In Panasonic televisions there is an interesting option and that is to also record the subtitles (as long as they are available). To do this, you just have to press the yellow button on the remote while you are setting the recording. An option that can be very useful for certain users.

How to record on Android TV televisions

Can you record on Android TVs? Well the answer is yes, although not from Android as such. Most televisions that offer Android TV as an operating system integrate the recording option independently. After all, Google’s operating system for televisions is designed to access applications and online services, not for these types of recordings.

However, there are options through various applications that allow you to capture what you are seeing on the screen. Although, honestly, it is not or we think it is really efficient or useful. After all, why are you going to record what you are watching on Netflix or any other online platform.