Recommended cheap WiFi printers: Which one to buy, models and prices

If we want to print hundreds of pages, it is common for us to go to a printing company or use specialized websites, but there are many cases in which we want to print things at home, a document that we need or simply a drawing to color, a printout or a photo from the phone mobile. For this, there are many cheap WiFi printers that we can buy for less than 100 euros.

Cheap WiFi printer models that we can buy and that hardly take up space . In addition, most of them are multifunction, so they not only allow us to print but also photocopy or scan documents on the computer.

Recommended cheap WiFi printers

What to look for when choosing a printer?

There are a number of fundamental aspects that we must look at if we are going to buy a printer. Taking this list into account, one of the most important things is to make sure that it is a multifunction device and that it has WiFi connectivity , since this will allow us to remotely print any document.

  • Multifunction

The first thing to decide is whether you want it to be a multifunction printer or not. Virtually all printers we find today are multifunction devices capable of scanning, copying or printing. Others also send faxes. Before this was the case, it meant having a device that took up much more space, but today there are compact and manageable printers capable of doing it all and capable of fitting into any space on your desk at home. Printing is very useful, but photocopying or scanning can also be useful for specific uses, such as if you need to have your ID on paper, for example, or you need to scan a photo. Of course, they do not replace industrial or professional photocopiers capable of automatically photocopying a large number of documents.

  • Wifi

Another option that we must take into account is whether or not we want it to have a WiFi connection. It will be the best thanks to the fact that we will save having cables that go from the printer to the computer, not always close and not always easy to connect. That is another of the great advantages of many printers, because thanks to the fact that it is associated with our network , we can ask it to print a photo from a computer in a room or from our mobile phone, without having to be at home, so it goes to make our work much easier by connecting.

  • print speed

In this case, being honest, we are not going to find printers with really high speeds, since we are talking about devices where the price is low and designed for home use and not for professional use. But, even so, it is a fact that can make us decide on a specific model and that is why it is important to take it into account. We can say that this type of printer is going to move between 8 pages per minute to about 15 dpi, approximately, in the best of cases.

  • Print quality

Although we do not normally want professional quality for a home printer, we must take into account that the print quality is minimal. Generally, we will not find any device that photocopies blurred letters or prints badly unless there is an error in it, but you should look at the specifications, the print quality and the opinions of other users. If you are looking to print photos in excellent quality, we do not recommend going for a multifunction printer but for a printer specialized in this task.

  • Photography

If we are going to print a lot of photography and on its own paper, we may have to be more specific when buying our printer, since not all of them are capable of giving enough quality to make the photos look sharp and with nice color.

Many of the models that we are going to present to you in a little while have quality to spare so that this section of photography is well covered and we do not have any problem with it, always taking into account the price at which we move.

  • Price

How much do we want to spend ? Currently there are many cheap printers and we are going to collect some of them below. They barely cost about 100 euros and are perfect for any use, whether you want to use it to print photos at home or simply want to print coloring pages for your children.

Impresoras multifunción

Multifunction printers under 80 euros

If we are looking for a WiFi multifunction printer for less than 80 or 75 euros, there are some affordable models that we can buy on Amazon affordably.

HP DeskJet 3760

A multifunction printer that allows us to connect via WiFi and cable if we deem it appropriate. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac and mobile operating systems such as iOS and Android . We can photocopy, scan or print on both sides of all types of documents or photographs and it has an input tray with up to sixty sheets of normal paper or twenty sheets of photo paper. In addition, the output tray is 25 sheets.

The maximum resolution it can give us is 4,800 x 1,200 pixels per inch with a page speed of eight pages per minute . It offers us the HP Smart application with which we can share documents more easily and with which we will manage certain tasks. In addition, it has WiFi connectivity, WiFi Direct and HP Scroll Scan…

HP DeskJet 3760

HP DeskJet 2720e All-in-One Printer

This is one of the cheapest printers you can find and on top of that it has some interesting features. It is capable of printing up to 7.5 pages per minute from its tray whose maximum is 60 sheets. It has dual-band WiFi so it connects without problems, but Bluetooth 4.2 is also present. Thanks to the HP Smart application we can share documents easily, in addition to connecting with our mobile . It has an LCD screen where it tells us what function the printer is performing at all times, that is, if it is printing, scanning or copying.

In addition, we can get it with an original tri-color ink cartridge included in its price or we can choose to have six months of Instant Ink included if we register within seven days of setting up the printer, which will allow us to receive cartridges at home before that we run out of ink.

Impresora Multifunción HP DeskJet Epson Workforce

Another cheap and affordable option is the Epson WorkForce inkjet printer. Compatible with both Wi-Fi and wired Ethernet, it boasts a compact size to save space and fit into any office or room . It is compatible with MacOS and Windows and the rear tray allows us to have up to 100 sheets.

It has a workload of about 3,000 pages per month and is compatible with Windows and macOS operating systems. In addition, as they explain from their own description “thanks to the automatic Wi-Fi configuration, users do not need to know their network settings or use a USB cable during the initial configuration, because the printer automatically searches for the corresponding connection parameters to configure itself ”.

Epson WorkForce WF-2010W

WiFi printers between 80 and 100 euros

If you want to spend a little more, there are multifunction printers with WiFi connection with prices around eighty, ninety or one hundred euros. They are still affordable options that we can buy to print photos or documents.

Canon PIXMA MG3650S

A printer that is around 90 euros and that allows us to copy, print or scan. It is easy to use through the Canon Print application that allows us to send content from the mobile phone or tablet without having a computer and it also has easy connection to the cloud through Pixma Cloud Link.

This Canon printer allows us to print photos or documents in A4 format with 4800 × 1200 dpi quality and allows us to use XL cartridges.

Canon PIXMA MG3650S

Canon Pixma TS305 WiFi

A printer with a compact design whose price is around 85 euros and is another of the best options if we are looking for cheap WiFi multifunction printers. It has a compact and functional design and allows us to print documents through the WiFi connection so you can send them from the cloud, from the phone or from the camera. In addition, it has the “copy and capture” function in the Canon Print application that allows us to scan or copy directly from our mobile phone.

It is compatible with high-quality document printing and borderless photos in 4 × 6-inch format or if we want to send content from the mobile phone. It’s compact, easy to handle, cloud-enabled, and 60-sheet paper loaded through the rear tray.


HP Epson XP-2100 Expression Premium

This is a 3-in-1 multifunction printer with which we will be able to print, copy and scan in a very interesting way. We will be able to print 8 pages per minute with enough quality that we can present those prints anywhere. Not only can we print from our computer, but it is also compatible with the different mobile devices that currently dominate this panorama, such as those with Android and iOS. Of course it connects to our WiFi.

It has mobile printing, with WiFi and WiFi Direct and is compatible with the Epson Creative Print application that allows you to print photos from different devices as well as create personalized letters, use templates for greeting cards, etc.