Recharge PayPal to buy safely on the internet

PayPal has been for almost 20 years, the best platform to buy safely over the internet. In fact, in his long career, he has not faced any weight alternative that has cast the slightest shadow on him. This company, of which one of the co-founders is Elon Musk, allows us to send and receive money using only our email address, so it is not necessary to share our credit card information at any time to pay. Only PayPal has access to our credit card data, information that, obviously, is in encrypted form.

The PayPal Platform offers us different methods to deposit money into our account. The simplest way, but the most cumbersome since it forces us to leave the house and look for an establishment, is through prepaid cards that are generally sold in supermarkets and tobacconists. The problem with this method is that we cannot establish the amount that we want to add to our account, but we have to settle for the amounts of the cards that they sell. The best way to do it is by transferring money from our current account or card.

Recharge PayPal to buy safely on the internet

Deposit money into PayPal account

If we already have a credit card associated with our account, there is really no need to deposit money in our account since, if we do not have enough available balance, the platform will charge our card with the rest of the money that is needed to carry out the transaction. But, if we do not have a credit card or a checking account associated with our PayPal account, then we will show you the steps to follow to be able to deposit money into our account.

The first thing we must do is access the PayPal website and enter our account data. Next, click on the My wallet option located at the top of the web and, in the right column, click on Transfer money.

Ingresar dinero PayPal

In the next window, we select the second option Add money to balance . Next, we must enter the data of our current account, since PayPal does not allow us to use a credit or debit card to load the balance of our account (we do not know the reasons, but it has always been this way). Once we have entered our account data, we must specify the amount we want to transfer to our account.

The money that we send to our PayPal account can take 2 to 3 days to arrive, so it is a slow process and we must do it in advance if we plan to make a purchase and make the payment using this platform. If we cannot wait those 2 or 3 days, we can add a credit or debit card to our PayPal account and associate the payments we make through this platform so that they are charged to it. As we are going to pay using an email account, our card data will never leave this platform, so we can make payments in a totally secure way and without surprises due to unexpected charges.