Reboot or reset the router? It is not the same and everything has a use

When it comes to browsing the Internet, we want everything to go smoothly, but no one is free from suffering some kind of problem. The router, like any other technological device that we have at home, is prone to errors of all kinds. Your WiFi may stop working or you may not directly have a connection with any of the equipment you have connected to it.

In these cases, when it is not something serious that requires the attention of a specialized technician, we may hesitate to restart or reset the router to correct what is happening. When is it advisable to perform each action?

Reboot or reset the router

When should we restart the router?

Restarting our router is, in essence, the same as doing it with a computer. What we are doing with this is that the device disconnects and stops all the processes that it was carrying out at that moment . This solution is generally the one recommended by our operator when we have connection problems, or when our internet is experiencing cuts or is much slower than it should.

reiniciar router

Carrying it out is also very simple. All we have to do is press a button on the back to turn off the device. It is very important that we do not press the button to turn it off and turn it on immediately, since the restart process would not be carried out. The normal thing is that we leave it off for a time greater than 10 seconds . There is another way to do it, which is by accessing the router’s configuration menu, but it is a more complex process that in the end will give us the same result.

Another of the main reasons why we restart the router is to change the IP address. Normally, after having the router turned off for about 10 or more seconds, and turning it back on, our IP address will change. This is useful if, for example, our IP is identified as foreign by some service, or if we have any concerns about our privacy instead.

Reset: last resort

On the other hand, resetting is making our equipment return to a factory state, so all the configurations that we have made prior to the reset will disappear . With configurations we mean changes in the WiFi password, opening of ports or a change of the SSID, for example.

To be able to reset our device we are going to have to do it first with some long and narrow object such as a toothpick or a pin. Once we have it, all we have to do is turn the device over and locate a hole that has the word “Reset” right above it. To reset the device we will introduce the object until we notice that we are pressing a button and we will leave it pressed for 10 seconds . After 5 minutes, our device will be factory reset and updated to the latest version.

You will know that the router has been reset because the LED lights will go out and restart in phases. As we say, you will have to start configuring everything from scratch, so do this with your head, since resetting your router is a solution when nothing you have previously tried does not work.