Reasons to Change DNS Servers in Windows and Navigate Fast

One of the factors that influences our Internet browsing is the choice we make of the DNS servers. We can modify aspects of our connection, both at the hardware and software level. Sometimes, this small change at the software level, which is to modify the DNS, can cause an increase in the speed of the network along with better quality and stability. Therefore, if our DNS server is not the ideal one, our experience when using the Internet will suffer, because we will have a somewhat slower navigation than we should. In that sense, if you change the Windows DNS you can have a faster Internet.

Reasons to Change DNS Servers in Windows and Navigate Fast

What is a DNS and what happens when they do not work well

DNS comes from the acronym in English Domain Name System or Domain Name System . Thus, the task of DNS servers is to go to the address that we write in the address bar of the browser. In case you don’t know, the websites are hosted on web servers with a specific public IP. The moment we put the name of a domain, that DNS server is in charge of providing us with that IP to route the traffic.

Now we are going to see it with a practical example. Write the following IP in the address bar:

We will go to the Google website. This happens because the DNS servers are in charge of translating what we write in an IP address. This is done this way because names are easier to remember than numbers.

Why is it advisable to change DNS

Many users use their provider’s DNS. However, it must be taken into account that they are not mandatory to put those, and we can put others. Also, one thing you should know is that you can change both the Windows DNS of your computer or laptop, as well as those of other devices, such as, for example, a smartphone. The main reason for wanting to change is usually to improve the speed and performance of our connection. On many occasions, the DNS that we use from our operator are not the most appropriate. For that reason, in this article we recommend not using your provider’s DNS .

The change to a faster and more efficient DNS server will mean that, after writing the url in the address bar, we will have the public IP first, and therefore, it will start to load the content faster. In that sense, if we have problems and want to have more reliability when browsing, a good idea is to change DNS of Windows or of the devices. Here you have tools to perform performance tests on DNS servers and see which one is best for you to use.

Another no less important factor is that we can improve privacy . In that sense we can prevent our provider from tracking us. Thus, we prevent you from collecting information about the web pages we browse and from creating a profile of us. Nor should we forget about security, since some of them have a filter to prevent the entry of Phishing attacks that can steal our credentials and passwords.

To finish with this section, also using DNS other than those of our Internet provider or ISP can allow us to access content that may be blocked in a certain territory. This happens in some countries, when trying to access certain websites and services that may be blocked in that territory.

Change the DNS in Windows 10 and servers that we can use

One consideration to comment before starting is that each adapter has its own independent network configuration. Therefore, on a laptop that has a Wi-Fi adapter and an ethernet card, we need to configure both separately. If we want to change the Windows DNS we are going to follow the following steps:

  1. Let’s go to Start Menu .
  2. We write control panel and press enter.
  3. Networks and Internet .
  4. Network and Sharing Center and on the left click Change adapter settings.

Then a screen like this will appear:

Next, we select our Wi-Fi or Ethernet network adapter by clicking on it. Then we press the right mouse button and click on properties. Then we click on Internet Protocol version 4 . To change the Windows DNS we activate the Use the following DNS server addresses box and put the ones we want:

One of the most recommended and that you have put up are the Google that are: and, and others that work very well are those of Cloudflare that are and