Realme UI 4.0 launches with bugs in the fingerprint reader and battery

Realme devices have begun to receive Android 13 in Spain with Realme UI 4.0 , the latest update to the brand’s customization layer. Although this is exciting news for owners of one of these phones, the truth is that it is not working as expected.

If your Realme device can receive this update because it falls within the firm’s plans, be careful because there are many people who complain about its malfunction , especially in two important sections that are the battery and a function related to mobile security that you may use several times a day.

Realme UI 4.0

There are still many people who have not updated their phones to the latest layer of the brand with Android 13, so many of these complaints will be confirmed as something more widespread and even more bugs may be found. Do you want to know more about the main problems that Android 13 is causing on Realme devices?

The bugs that spoil the experience

There are people who are looking forward to the famous update to their smartphone since it was announced on social networks. However, others may be thinking about it a lot due to the important errors that are occurring and that affect the mobile user experience.

Among the main complaints, we find problems when scanning fingerprints , since after having updated to Android 13 it gives an error and no matter how many times you repeat it, the error appears again.


A user has indicated in response to this that the way to fix it is to completely reset the device , something that will cause you to lose data, while Realme has not yet ruled on the matter. The images and video that this user has shared show it better.

Imagen del usuario de twitter
krishna singh
Hey @realmeIndia i am facing a bug issue into enrolling fingerprint scanning in my Realme GT 2 phone after updating my phone form Android 12 to 13 ,
I have sent mail but did not get any reply
Help me out with this problem
December 10, 2022 • 21:43



We have also come across users who have noticed a considerable reduction in autonomy. The problem that the battery drains quickly is not solved with the passing of the days, and it was after updating to Android 13 when it started. This is an error that several users who have updated to the new layer of Realme with Android 13 are experiencing.

Imagen del usuario de twitter
harish kumar{ハーヴィッシュラグヴ}
Realme gt Neo 3 after updating Android 13 rm ui 4
Outside it’s show ui :3
Inside ui : 4
Battery draining problem not be sorted out.@realmecareIN
@realmeIndia @MadhavSheth1
December 10, 2022 • 16:29



These are not the only problems that Realme mobile users are experiencing after updating to Realme UI 4.0 , among which is a bug in which YouTube videos cannot be played normally.

This is what a user claims:

Tons of new bugs in realme UI 4.0 software. One of the main problems is that YouTube videos hit for a second and play and continue between videos as well. Please correct this in future updates.

Imagen del usuario de twitter
@realmecareIN tons of new bug in the realme UI 4.0 software. One of the biggest problems is that youtube videos struck for a second and plays and it continues in between the videos too. please fix this in the future updates
December 13, 2022 • 10:03



Another complaint refers to the camera:

After recent update to Android 13 and UI 4, mobile camera lags, there are some bugs, please try to fix it.

And add up and continue, the list of errors that have occurred and are occurring after the update seems endless, and more could be added the more phones receive the new system.

Will there be a quick fix?

We are waiting to see what the company says about it, if it recognizes the errors and fixes them with a new update. In the meantime, Realme users who are experiencing major inconveniences can either downgrade to an older Android version or trust. First we recommend trying to restart the mobile or try typical solutions such as reset, although I am afraid that you may continue with the same problems.

If you haven’t updated, you can wait for a new version that fixes these issues. And you, have you noticed any errors when receiving Android 13 on your smartphone?