Realme Buds Air 2, Cheap Wireless Headphones Review

Realme Buds Air 2

The market for True Wireless headphones has exploded in recent years. Most manufacturers have one or more models in their catalog to meet user demand. Recently, with the launch of its latest smartphone, realme also introduced new wireless headphones with great value for money. Today I tell you about my experience after having tried the realme Buds Air 2 .

Design: common and striking at the same time

The first thing I want to talk to you about these wireless headphones is the design, which, of course, is the first thing that enters our eyes and a detail that we look at before buying them.

At first glance, the box of these headphones will sound a lot like that of other manufacturers. Especially to that of the well-known Apple Airpods. Although, it is true that this is somewhat more rounded, which makes it a bit more comfortable to carry it in your pocket.

For the rest, in this case we find the USB-C connector for charging at the bottom, a button on the right side to activate the synchronization and a led on the front that will indicate its status and the battery of this transport box .

When you open the case and take the headphones out of it, once again, we are facing something that is familiar again. The aesthetics of these is that of the usual cane in which we have the capsule that we will introduce into the auditory pavilion and, together with this, the silicone rubber that will make it adapt correctly.

Although there is something that attracts a lot of attention. These True Wireless headphones are available in 2 colors : black and white. In the dark model it is not very noticeable but, in the case of the white, the finish of the headphone pole is different. In this case, the “stick” is silver in color while the capsule and pad are white. This makes it draw attention to the naked eye because it is not a common design in this type of equipment.

This design may or may not like you. In my case, the truth is that I do not dislike them although, to be honest, I would personally opt for the black model . In such a case, if you like your headphones to have an eye-catching design, this may be a wise decision within the True Wireless market.

Ten experience

Turning now to what I think about everything that these headphones offer, I can tell you that they may be the best that I have tried so far taking into account their price: 49.99 euros .

And I will tell you how much these True Wireless cost because it seems to me a fundamental detail to take into account to value everything that it offers.

The sound quality is quite good , with powerful bass and very clear audio. Of course they are not the best on the market, but the truth is that they do their job very well, being a relatively inexpensive product. In addition, something that improves the experience is its low latency . This means that when using them watching a series or playing games on our phone, there is no uncomfortable “lag” that there is in the sound of many other headphones. And if we activate the game mode through the Realme Link app , this latency will be practically zero.

They have active noise cancellation , something interesting and that we do not see in all “cheap” headphone models. I really liked how this suppression works and I think it does it very well. In addition, they have a transparent mode , that system that lets through a certain amount of sound to be able to speak naturally with someone without removing these headphones from our ears. This mode can be activated by tapping the headphone pole , switching between active noise cancellation, transparent and “normal” mode.

Speaking of these touch gestures and going back to the control app , here we can make some interesting adjustments. Once we synchronize the Buds Air 2 to it, we will have the possibility to select different sections:

  • Noise control : which is nothing more than the alternation between noise suppression, transparency and the general mode.
  • Game mode : with this asset we will reduce the latency of the headphones to a minimum.
  • Sound effects : these are 3 different equalization modes that, depending on our tastes, we can enhance the bass, leave it as it comes from the factory or activate the pure mode for the best sound quality.
  • Automatic modes: on the one hand, we will have the possibility of activating in- ear detection , that is, that the headphones detect when we put them on or take them off. This will activate or pause what we are listening to. And, on the other hand, the “Auto answer” mode , more of the same as the previous one but with calls.
  • Gestures : as I have already mentioned, by tapping we can configure different sections. From this application we can configure each option to our tastes and needs.

Having said all this, I want to talk to you about two details before going on to tell you about my conclusion after having tried these new True Wireless from realme.

Something that I had not told you so far is that these headphones have IPX5 protection . Therefore, we can use it without fear of sweat or rain, since they will be well protected.

One aspect that has caught my attention very positively has been its autonomy . The manufacturer promises that we can use them for a total of 25 hours on a single charge , including of course the battery in its transport box. And, individually, we can use them uninterruptedly for 5 hours.

I couldn’t tell you if they reach those 25 hours in total because I haven’t timed it, really. But in all this time that I have been using them, I estimate that about 2 weeks in sessions of 1 to 2 hours, I have not charged them even once (except the first day, when I took them to 100%). The best thing is that, still, they have a full charge left for both headphones and 10% autonomy out of the box. This is amazing, no more.

Easy to Recommend Headphones

At this point, you can imagine that I find it very difficult not to recommend these True Wireless from realme. The design may not quite match my tastes, at least in the white model. But otherwise, I can’t ask for more for less.

The sound they reproduce is very good, the sound is clear, the noise cancellation works very well and I find the subject of gestures very useful. Although it is true that I would have appreciated the possibility of actually making a “simple gesture” rather than starting with a double tap.

Therefore, if you want True Wireless headphones and do not want to spend too much money, for 50 euros these Realme Buds Air 2 should be among those options to take into account for granted.