Realme 8 Pro Update with Improvements to Its Cameras and Fixes

Just a few weeks ago the Realme 8 Pro were presented globally, arriving in Spain and later the Realme 8 did, although for now without news for our country. In both cases, the terminals are receiving a first update via OTA that makes them improve in some aspects, which as soon as they were released on the market were not giving the best result.

These updates, which are added to Android 11 and Realme UI 2.0 , improve, among other things, the cameras and offer new modes that until now could not be enjoyed. Some improvements that come under the version number RMX3081_11_A.27 for the Pro model and RMX3085_11_A.08 for the standard Realme 8.

What changes does the update bring for the Realme 8 Pro

The update in question is being released progressively, starting as usual in India, so there are still days to appear in the Realme 8 Pro in Spain. With this update, the camera improvements are very important as they add the Hyper Motion SLO-MO mode with which super slow motion recordings are achieved, although the number of fps it will offer has not been specified. New styles have also been added to the watermark.

Realme 8 Pro

Taking advantage of this update, the latest security patch corresponding to the month of April has also been integrated and problems with the notification and restart bar have been solved. Although it is not yet available in Spain, it is important to mention that the Realme 8 has also inherited interesting camera functions from the Pro model such as the astrophotography mode, which in the Realme 8 Pro has also received improvements with this update.

Along with this, problems have been corrected in the cameras of both smartphones, which caused flickering when taking photos and other major errors that changed the tone of the photo when we saw it on the screen and later in the gallery, thus trying to improve the result of the 108 Mpx of the Realme 8 Pro that so much game can offer.

To get all these news we will only have to enter Settings> Updates and check if they are already available for our smartphone. The weight of the update exceeds 300 MB and it is recommended to have completed a backup beforehand to avoid the odd surprise, in addition to having at least 70% battery life. However, this does not seem to be the last update that the Realme 8 Pro has to receive, as some network users have shown other problems with the screen or the refresh rate. We will continue to monitor the evolution of this terminal after the update.

Source> Realme