Realme 8 Battery Test, Options and User Experience

Realme 8 Battery Test

Autonomy is one of the most important characteristics that should be reviewed in telephones, since, if the work carried out by the manufacturer in the combination of hardware and software is not adequate, the user experience obtained from a telephone is not the best possible. We have tested what the realme 8 offers in this section and we will tell you what we have obtained.

The truth is that the Asian company has included components that in principle point very good manners in everything that has to do with battery life. An example of what we say is that the latter has a 5,000 mAh load, which has become almost a standard in phones that have a reasonable price and are located bordering the line that separates the entry range with the average. By the way, a good job has been done in the integration section, since the thickness of this terminal is only eight millimeters , being one of the best in its range on the market taking into account the aforementioned amperage.

We also want to highlight among its own characteristics that have to do with autonomy that this is a model that offers fast charging , which we will talk about later and that, luckily, the manufacturer has decided to include a charger with the realme 8 that allows you to take out the most of the device in this section. By the way, and as it cannot be otherwise, the port that is included to carry out this process is USB type C, so you will not find something old such as a microUSB connection.

Using the realme 8, does it comply with the autonomy?

What should you always ask of a phone these days, especially if it has a battery like the one mentioned above? Well, the time of use that it allows reaches at least a day and a half . This is accomplished without the slightest problem by the smartphone we are talking about, since by using it as the main device (regularly receiving messages or notifications and without stopping watching some YouTube videos) we have always managed to reach this brand.

Even if the brightness of the screen on the realme 8 is not abused, on occasion we have managed to stretch the time until the night of the second day. And this is a very interesting brand that makes it a highly recommended model. By the way, we have to point out that the inclusion of a screen and processor that are almost a copy of the previous generation of this product range has made us achieve results that are very similar. And, this is really not bad at all.

If you wonder how long you can use the equipment with the screen always on , the marks we have achieved are in a range that goes from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. It is a good brand, and getting the best or the worst depends a lot on the application you have running. If it is a game, the tendency is to get the smaller number. In the case of watching a video with Full HD resolution, you will be able to make the most of what this terminal offers.

A software that is correct

As in the vast majority of phones with Android operating system, in the System Settings some options are included that may be interesting when it comes to managing the battery charge in the most appropriate way. An example of what we say is that you can use a Saving Mode so that consumption is reduced. This is not especially effective, since some functions that have high consumption such as access to WiFi are not reduced. In any case, it is possible to save more or less 10% of the time in the event that it is decided to deactivate this functionality.

In addition to what is indicated, the realme 8 includes some additional options that may be useful for some users. An example is being able to set a performance control so that components are not pushed as hard as possible. There is also a feature called Fast App Freeze that aims to reduce battery consumption by apps that are idle in the background. We quite liked this function, since it allows us to choose the applications that will be affected and the work of avoiding excessive consumption is done quite reliably.

Fast charging of the realme 8, is it effective?

Well, the behavior complies exactly with what is expected of a technology called DiRT that allows working with power of up to 30 W , a figure that is quite appreciated when filling the terminal battery, since as we have indicated at the beginning the amperage of its battery is quite high. We remind you that a compatible charger is included in the product box and that it will allow you to get the most out of this section.

Regarding the times, those provided by the manufacturer are practically strictly adhered to, since in processes that go from zero to 50% , it takes between 26 and 27 minutes . Then the working speed slows down once the maximum load is almost reached and we have found that about an hour a process can be completed at the maximum. Good behavior.


The autonomy section is one of the best details that the realme 8 phone offers , at least in our opinion. The battery charge is quite high and that makes it offer usage times that meet perfectly to be among the best on the market without having to restrict the uses that are given to the terminal and, also, the brightness that is used with the integrated display. Therefore, we believe that you will be quite satisfied if you decide on this terminal.

The load also responds, since the 30 W is sufficient to not have to wait a long time to complete a process or to be a lifesaver when you need power and the smartphone is almost without it. There are no high temperature problems in this section and, therefore, overall we believe that a good job has been done -although not much has evolved since the realme 7- in this device that is not particularly expensive (you can get 199 euros).