Realme 7 Pro: Keep it Protected with These Cases

It is undoubtedly one of the most popular mobiles in the mid-range, and belongs to one of the most popular ranges currently on the market. It is the Realme 7 Pro , and if you have thought about getting it, the most logical thing is that you have thought to protect it with one of these covers.

So we are going to do a review of the cases for the Realme 7 Pro that could serve you better so that the phone remains as the first day. We review the most representative cases, those that best represent the different types of these cases that we can buy for our phone that we have just released or that we are going to do shortly.

Rugged and magnetic

This cover offers us comprehensive protection, as it has thick edges with a highly absorbent material in the face of impact. But it is not the only interesting thing, since it allows us to completely not worry about what may happen to it, and also allows us to show off the design of the phone , as it is transparent. It also facilitates its placement in the car, since it has a magnetic ring for this type of support. Finally, the ring can work as a practical base.

Fundas Realme 7 Pro

Nine covers for the price of one

This is a classic pack on a multitude of devices. And it offers us for the same price of a single cover no less than nine . These are made of silicone, and they come in different colors, having one for each day of the week, and still keep some in reserve. It is available in red, pastel pink, purple, yellow, dark pink, green, black, dark blue and white, a variety to give and take.

Fundas Realme 7 Pro

Imitating carbon fiber

One of the most attractive covers to protect our Realme 7 Pro. Since it has an eminently sporty touch , since it has an appearance that simulates that of carbon fiber. This is commonly used in super sports cars, and for that reason it looks so attractive. And of course it absorbs shocks and prevents scratches on the terminal.

Fundas Realme 7 Pro

Book, with card holder and wallet

These book-type cases offer us comprehensive protection, since when the screen is closed it is completely covered, so the protection is comprehensive. But we also like it because it has a very practical card holder on the left side. Behind this we also have a complete wallet . In addition, its finish imitates colored skin, and has an original design.

Fundas Realme 7 Pro

With mirror finish

This case is certainly eye-catching to say the least. In addition to having a book format, and showing a protection similar to that of the case that we have seen before, it also offers us a striking mirror finish. So much so that the plastic finish in different colors offers this mirror effect that suits you so well. It is also translucent, so in favorable light conditions we will also see the time or the phone’s notifications thanks to the Always On mode of its AMOLED screen.

Fundas Realme 7 Pro

Rugged and with better grip

The best thing about this case is not that it protects our phone with a coating of absorbent material that makes it almost indestructible. But it is also finished in silicone with the appearance of the tread of a tire . This allows for a much greater grip than usual in other phones, and we are also protected. Finally, it also has a base to keep it standing.

Fundas Realme 7 Pro