Real Photos of Google Pixel 4a Advanced Design

The Pixel 4a , the next rumored Google mid-range phone, may have been discovered in real life, revealing its new design. A few hours ago they have seemed on the Internet some supposed photos of the smartphone that coincide, point by point, with renders that have already been published in different media during the past few days.

The images show a phone that follows the trail of other devices launched in recent weeks, as is the bet of a screen with a hole in the upper left corner that would accommodate the front camera. This would be the first Google phone to follow this design line. One of the images also shows the Phone Settings page, apparently confirming the name of the Pixel 4a as well as the smartphone’s screen settings.

Pixel 4a

More details of the Google Pixel 4 design

As we found in the Pixel 4 launched at the end of last year, the mobile would keep the same square camera format in the back. It seems that the camera bulge of this particular model has only one lens accompanied by a flash. Something quite logical if we consider that it is the cheap version of the top of Google range.

Pixel 4a

Another design element that stakes in these real photos of the Google Pixel 4a is the presence of a white lock button on the phone’s profile. The alleged Google phone that appears in the images appears to be black and white button lock matches the design philosophy of the model “Just Black” from the Pixel 4, which also had an orange lock button.

In two of the photos, we also see that the mobile phone is protected by one of Google’s official web cases for the Pixel 4, so it seems that we can give some truth to the photographs. It has a cut in the upper left corner, possibly to house a 3.5 mm headphone jack. The back also features two clippings: one for the camera and one for a fingerprint sensor.

At the moment we do not have a presentation date for the phone and, after the cancellation of Google I / O due to the Chinese Coronavirus, it is likely that the brand will present the mobile by surprise by adding it to its online store in the coming weeks.