Razer’s Eye-catching New VISA Card with Light up Logo

Razer is one of the great brands in the gaming sector. A manufacturer whose products have always been very easy to recognize thanks to that elegant aesthetic, with dark finishes and a more than striking green logo among other RGB lighting effects. But this may not have been seen by anyone. And, why limit yourself to mice, keyboards and computers, why not launch your own VISA card with which to pay for your purchases.

The Razer VISA

Razer's Eye-catching New VISA Card

In recent years we have seen how different companies in the technology sector entered the financial world by launching their own credit cards. Products that arrived thanks to the agreements and alliances signed with banking entities. All this with the aim of providing extra value to users of the brand in addition to its many accessories such as game controllers for smartphones. Of course, for many, beyond buying or not with these cards, the most interesting was and still is to get one of these plastics whose design is the most striking on more than one occasion.

Well, now it is the popular manufacturer of gaming products that enters in a similar way to how Apple, Samsung or Google did and launches its own Razer VISA card. But beware, how could it be otherwise, it is a very particular proposal in terms of aesthetics and has a detail that will attract a lot of attention: its logo lights up green when paying.

Razer’s new VISA card is available in two versions, one standard and one premium. Both share first that minimalist design and very much in line with what we are used to seeing in other products of the brand. Of course, along with the classic shape and dimensions of any other bank card and those striking matte black finishes, what stands out is the logo detail.

The popular logo composed of three snakes is perfectly integrated and concealed if it were not for the fact that it offers a glossy finish compared to the matte tone of the rest. But in the premium version this logo has the ability to light up when you pay . At that precise moment in which you pass the card through the reader, the book glows green. An extra detail that as such will have an additional cost as we have already told you that it will only be available for the premium version.

However, beyond aesthetics, this prepaid card should also bring benefits to the user so that they decide to bet on it and use it in their day-to-day life. These benefits are none other than a refund of 1% of purchases in certain products and up to 5% if they are those of the company itself when purchased through its online store.

Not so fast, it’s a limited card

There is no doubt that Razer’s new VISA card is very eye-catching and attractive. So much so that you are already wondering how you can get it. Well, we have bad news to give you. This card for now is something limited to just over a thousand users who will have to register to obtain it and meet an important requirement: live in Singapore.

Yes, for now only for users in Singapore , the only country next to Malaysia, where the Razer Pay service is active, they will be able to choose it. So we will have to wait to see if this is something that ends up reaching more countries or not and simply remains in an exclusive proposal with which the brand experiments locally.