Razer THX Spatial Audio: Program to Bring 7.1 Sound to Your Games

Surround sound can help us both better enjoy our favorite games, helping us get much more into their environment, and helping us to be more competitive in online games by being able to identify rivals with much more precision. There are many ways to get surround sound in our games. Although most of them go through buying surround helmets that, if we are looking for something high-end, can be quite expensive. If we do not want to spend a lot of money, and we already have some helmets at home (even if they are surround) we can use them to enjoy new games with surround sound with Razer THX Spatial Audio .

THX Spatial Audio is a program developed by Razer and THX that seeks to offer us the possibility of bringing surround and positional sound to any audio source without the need for specific certifications or characteristics for which its price is triggered. If we have normal stereo headphones (they do not have to be Razer), we will be able to convert them into wrap-around helmets thanks to this program in a very simple way.

Razer THX Spatial Audio

Thanks to the virtual loudspeakers that this program creates, we will be able to assemble and convert any type of earpiece into headphones with three-dimensional sound. In this way we can better enjoy the games and even be able to play more relaxed by not having to try so hard to locate nearby enemies.

Main features

Undoubtedly, the main function of this program is the possibility of providing positional sound to any type of earpiece . This will allow us, while we play, to be able to have better identified all the sound sources, thus being able to locate the enemies before they locate us.

It also uses different algorithms to adjust the distance, position and volume of the sounds to get a better experience of the game. And it has a very complete equalizer that allows us to adjust the type of sound according to our tastes or our preferences. This allows us to use this software for much more than to play, since we will be able to enjoy movies and music better.

Another important aspect is that it will allow us to configure and control the sound mixer for each application that we install on the PC. For example, we can configure Spotify to play sound in stereo (without filters), and each of the games to run in surround mode.

Compatibility is another of the strong pillars of this software. Razer THX Spatial Audio is compatible for practically any game that we can run on our PC, being able to provide surround sound without patches or strange configurations. And the most surprising thing is that, despite being a product under the Razer brand, it is compatible with any headset , from any brand. Both by mini-jack cable and by Bluetooth and USB. We do not tie ourselves to any brand.

How does it work

This program, so as not to interfere with the configuration of Windows audio devices, what it does is create its own virtual sound card in Windows 10. We can see it the first time we open the application, and it will explain to us that, in order to take advantage of it of its improvements, we will have to select this card in Windows.

Razer THX Spatial Audio - 1

From the Razer THX Spatial Audio configuration menu itself we will be able to choose the output device that we want to use.

Razer THX Spatial Audio - 2

That is, if in Windows we select, for example, our helmets, we can use it normally, using the Windows configuration. But if we pair these earphones to the Razer THX Spatial Audio, and choose THX Spatial as the default player, then we can use our earphones with the Razer software enhancements.

Razer THX Spatial Audio - 3

On the audio tab we will find, on the one hand, the section that will allow us to choose the audio output device that we are going to use in this virtual sound card, a simulator that will allow us to test the different effects and the list of programs that We have open to choose if we want these to sound normally in stereo, or through virtual sound.

In the “Equalizer” tab we are going to find an equalizer, as its name indicates. We are going to be able to use any of the presets that come by default, or configure the values we want to enhance, or soften, certain sounds. We will also be able to reinforce the bass, normalize the sound or amplify the voice.

Razer THX Spatial Audio - 7

In the “Calibration” section we are going to be able to configure the distance at which, in theory, the speakers that generate this virtual surround sound will be. So we can adjust these values depending on the effect we want, either to make the speakers sound in the distance, or as if we have them on top.

Razer THX Spatial Audio - 8

And finally, in a trial version, we will be able to play a video that will allow us to test the new surround effect of our new virtual helmets.

Razer THX Spatial Audio - 9

In addition, this program will allow us to switch between the different equalizers, and activate or deactivate spatial audio, easily from the icon that appears in the system tray.

Razer THX Spatial Audio - 10

Lastly, although it is not yet available, Razer has confirmed that this program will soon be integrated into the Windows 10 Game Bar in the form of a plugin. So, once it is ready, we can control the sound while playing in a much easier way.

to download

If we want to save the money that good surround headphones cost and give a new life to our stereo headphones, we will be able to download this program from the following link . Of course, we must bear in mind that this is not a free program (although we can try it for free for 15 days to see if it convinces us).

The license for this program is priced at 24.99 euros . And if we have previously purchased the 7.1 Surround program, we will be able to update the license to this new software for half the price (12.49 euros).

These prices are curious, since they are officially provided by Razer. However, on its main website we can find this program for $ 19.99, which is just under 19 euros. It may be an opportunity to buy it before the tables turn.