Razer Hunstman Mini: Features and Price of the First Compact Keyboard

Razer has released a new mechanical keyboard, the Razer Huntsman Mini. A proposal with which they intend to reach a larger audience by offering two features demanded by many users today: compact design and the possibility of opting for both linear and optical switches. So, let’s see how it is and above all what price it has.

Razer and its 60% format keyboard

Razer Hunstman Mini: Features and Price Mechanical keyboards continue to generate a lot of interest among all kinds of users, not just gamers or novelists who spend hours and hours writing in search of their first great best seller . Regular users, like any of us, are also attracted to them for multiple reasons such as design, user experience or other reasons, although the price of most proposals stops them from making the leap.

With this new mechanical keyboard Razer is looking for a way to convince more than one that it could be the model they were looking for. Firstly for the compact design and secondly for the switches that can be used. Although there are other interesting details and very to take into account.

The size as you can see is quite compact, format 60% as they call it and that is nothing more than the percentage it occupies with respect to one of its complete and so far usual keyboards. This reduction in dimensions implies benefits such as less space occupied at the table, something interesting if you are going to competitions with your team, where there is usually little space to place both your keyboard and mouse.

The “negative” part of the new compact format is that it lacks a numeric keypad. A detail that still is not a problem for some and yes for others. But it is easy, if you need a numeric keypad directly, choose another of the Huntsman family models that have the manufacturer. Otherwise, this small keyboard also includes access to those special keys that are required for certain games.

Featured Features

  • Razer ™ Optical Switches – with touch or linear options
  • 100 million keystroke life cycle
  • Razer Doubleshot PBT Keys
  • Standard bottom row design
  • Aluminum structure
  • Compact 60% format design
  • Removable USB-C cable, braided fiber
  • Hybrid internal memory – up to 5 profiles
  • Immediate lighting adjustments
  • Individually backlit keys with Razer Chroma RGB, up to 16.8 million color options available
  • Adjustments and customization using Razer Synapse 3

Regarding the topic of switches, the Razer Huntsman Mini gives the option to use both optical and linear switches . In this way, according to your own preferences, you can choose the type of switch that best suits you for the use you are going to make of it.

For the rest, the keyboard also stands out according to the brand for the use of Doubleshot PBT keys , a material that lasts longer than the classic ABS and that, in addition, add an extra resistance that prevents annoying oily shine that appears on many keyboards after a long use of it.

Razer Huntsman Mini, price and availability

With an elegant design, without that loss of showiness offered by its RGB lighting system and with connectivity to the computer through a standard USB C cable, the new keyboard will be available in several languages ranging from Japanese to German, Russian, Nordic, French, Spanish and logically English.

The version with optical switches will cost 129.99 euros and will be available from July 14, while the one with optical switches will cost 139.99 euros and will not arrive until August. Both models can be purchased both through the website and other authorized distributors. So one should be a problem to find one of them if you are interested.