Raspberry Pi: the Best Accessory for the iPad Pro?

If you have an iPad Pro, the Apple Pencil and an external keyboard are possibly the two essential accessories. But, and if I told you that there is another one that you have probably never considered and that could be the best USB C accessory for your iPad Pro . No, it is not a USB C HUB but the Raspberry Pi 4.

Raspberry Pi 4, the best accessory for the iPad Pro

Neither a USB C HUB nor any of the other classic accessories that you can know for the iPad Pro. The best complement that you can use with the Apple tablet is the Raspberry Pi 4, or so some users think. Yes, that plate so popular that it is used in all types of DIY projects, home automation or even for the emulation of retro consoles.

I admit that I was also surprised and at the same time, it intrigued a lot when I saw a tweet in which the idea was commented and showed an image of a Raspberry Po 4 in a case and connected to the Apple tablet via USB C.

At that moment the first thing I thought is, why? What utility or uses could you give it to be so interesting? So I started searching and after some results on Google, the odd thread on Reddit and other links I began to see the value of using the Raspberry with the iPad Pro . But before continuing, I leave you with a video (in English), you can activate subtitles and automatic translation into Spanish. This will make it easier for you to follow everything you say.

On the basis that the configuration is not simple, because you have to connect through the terminal via SSH and using the IP address generated by the board, the truth is that it is very striking. So, if you have a little idea or a lot of patience and don’t mind consulting different guides, it can be achieved.

Once all done, it seems that there are different uses that could be very striking and interesting for users with a somewhat more advanced profile. For example, to use Pi-Hole and avoid ads, make backup copies in the cloud, duplicate files, access disks connected to the Raspberry Pi or run the Linux installation from the iPad. As I say, it is a topic to investigate and fiddle thoroughly, but I wonder if you could even access one of the versions of Windows compatible with Raspberry Pi.

Right now it is a topic that catches my attention, hence the following video may also be interesting. In it, again Tech Craft, answers the questions that other users asked when they saw the idea.

  • Why not use a virtual machine in the cloud
  • If a Raspberry Pi system can be installed from the iPad
  • Everything related to SSH access
  • If it would work with an iPad through the Lightning port or only on iPad Pro with USB C
  • How the iPad Pro battery affects having to power the Raspberry Pi

What do you think, the idea convinces you? By chance have you messed up or carried out the idea? If the answer is yes tell us how is it. And if it is not and you want to experiment, here is a guide to install the system on the Raspberry Pi and also for the USB C connection .