Quality wireless headphones: enjoy the best sound

Wireless headphones have become one of the favorite devices of users. This is because, among other things, they offer great comfort when using them. Apple AirPods have become a reference in the market, but there are other models that are equal or better. Continue reading!

As is evident from its name, wireless headphones are those that connect to a device without the use of cables . For some time now, these types of headphones have become the most common option for those looking to enjoy efficient sound and, at the same time, in a comfortable way. The reason is that wireless headphones offer us much more freedom of movement than their wired relatives. Of course, this is not the only reason this item has become a real rage over the past few years. So, if that sounds good to you, let’s review some of the features that make them an essential accessory for any music lover.

Quality wireless headphones

What should I look for in wireless headphones?

Like any electronic device, wireless headphones have a series of parameters that we will have to keep in mind when buying.

Auriculares inalámbricos de Samsung

If you do not want to choose wrong, we recommend that you be very aware of the following details:

  • Comfort. It may seem obvious, but there is nothing more annoying than headphones that, after a while, hurt our ears. To avoid this, the best thing we can do is choose headphones that have an ergonomic, adaptable design and different sizes of pads that fit the shape of our ears.
  • Sound quality and sensitivity . Sensitivity is measured in decibels of sound pressure per milliwatt. It refers to the efficiency with which a headset can convert an electrical signal into an acoustic one. As a general rule, you will find values between 80 and 125 dB . From 90 dB, we will obtain a good quality and we will listen to the music in the best way.
  • Connectivity . How do you want your headphones to connect to your smartphone? The usual thing is that they are paired via bluetooth , and that they can create a connection with totally different devices. In other words, you can use them for both your mobile and your computer or your smartwatch , for example.
  • The distance . If you are going to use wireless headphones at home and need to be able to move, the ideal is to look for ones that give you a lot of freedom. The usual thing is that they allow you to move between 8 and 9 meters , approximately. However, there are some high-end headphones that allow you to move even more.
  • Autonomy . Exactly how many hours of autonomy you are going to have will depend on the battery and its capacity. First of all, the battery offered by the wireless headphones themselves. It is usually around five or six hours . But, in addition, the battery of the charging case that some of the wireless headphones bring with them, and which we are going to talk about next, also influences.
  • The charging case is an essential factor. Virtually all headphones allow you to recharge the battery through this small case, thus reaching up to twenty or even thirty hours. What’s more, at Topes de Gama we consider it absolutely essential that the case not only be for carrying the headphones, but also for charging them.
  • Fast charging . On the other hand, also related to the battery, you can find headphones that incorporate fast charging . In this specific case, it depends a little more on your specific needs. You may find it essential to be able to charge your headphones quickly in a pinch, or you may not. Either way, it’s always a plus!
  • Control by gestures or touch. Not all wireless headphones can be controlled by touch or gestures, and not all have physical buttons . It is a point that you must take into account when choosing, since it can make your life much easier.
  • The inclusion or not of a microphone can be essential both when making calls and when using virtual assistants . This, just like gesture control, can make your user experience more rewarding.
  • Support for Dolby Atmos or DTS:X can make it possible for you to use your wireless headphones on your Smart TV, or while consuming high-quality content. It is something you should consider.
  • Price . On the subject of price you will find great differences, all of them related to the specifications that we have previously marked. Don’t worry, because we have made a very varied selection so that you can always find just what you need.

Noise cancellation: a fundamental feature

In addition to all the features we’ve mentioned so far, there’s something else you should consider when buying headphones: active noise cancellation . It is a technology that is not very affordable, and you should consider whether you really need it or not before making your purchase.

Noise cancellation is a technology that actively works to completely eliminate outside noise. To do this, he follows what is known as wave interference theory . Sound is still a low-frequency wave, and as such follows the principle of superposition . This principle states that when two or more waves meet at a particular point, the wave that is created is the sum of all those found. And how does this cancel the sound? Very simple: to that artificial wave we add the original wave, and this results in the cancellation of the sound .

When we buy headphones , what we will hear will be the sum of music and ambient noise. However, if they have ANC , they will have the ability to cancel out ambient noise using an artificially created wave. It seems complex, but the result is exceptional: you will work or study without interruptions.

To completely or partially cancel the sound, the headphones need microphones . Through these, they process all the ambient sound and generate a wave that is capable of canceling them. Normally, active noise cancellation can be activated and deactivated at will in the headphones.

Affordable wireless headphones: for everyone!

After having carefully analyzed what parameters we should look for when choosing the best wireless headphones, let’s move on to see models!

First, let’s start looking at the most affordable ones . If you are looking for devices of good quality but that are not excessively expensive, these are yours! Of course, you will notice that there are certain specifications that will not appear too much, such as noise cancellation .

Black Shark: perfect for video games

Black Shark’s headphones are the cheapest you’ll find on this list, but they don’t offer poor quality for that. What’s more: they are perfect for those who want to play video games with the best sound quality.

black shark auriculares inalámbricos

They have a fairly ergonomic design , so that they are always comfortable in the ears. In addition, they have an ultra-low latency of 45 ms, perfect for gaming. It will allow you to synchronize the audio and video to better react to unforeseen events. Of course: it does not have noise cancellation.

As for connectivity , it has bluetooth 5.2 to provide the best connection. This also makes it compatible with a large number of different devices. You can quickly connect them to any terminal, including your Nintendo Switch . And they have touch controls so you can pause the theme, or put the game mode .

Finally, you should know that they have enough autonomy. With a single charge, you will have up to three and a half hours of uninterrupted playback. With the charging case , this will increase to 35 hours . Its price is approximately €30, a bargain.

Xiaomi True Wireless 2 Basic

The next wireless headphones on our list are from Xiaomi , and they’re also around €30. Its design is much simpler than that of previous headphones, betting much more on minimalism.

xiaomi mi true wireless

They offer great sound quality , as well as high connectivity thanks to bluetooth 5.0. Thanks to the design of the earphones themselves, you can wear them for many hours without long-term discomfort. Not only for that, but also for its autonomy of 5 hours that will make your life much easier. With the charging case, you’ll have up to 20 hours of freedom.

Something that these headphones bring with them and that not many usually offer is ear detection : if you remove the helmet, the sensor that it brings with it causes it to automatically suspend. This way you will save battery.

They have two microphones with a very high sensitivity, specifically designed to eliminate background noise during calls. What’s more: you can call even in noisy environments, because you will be heard perfectly.

Soundcore wireless headphones with bluetooth 5.2

We continue with headphones that are around €30 in price, and we must talk about these Soundcore. They are available in different colors, although we have opted for the most different ones. The sound quality that you will find with these headphones is very high, despite the fact that its price is not. And it’s because they have triple-layer 10mm drivers, which boost bass .

auriculares soundcore rosas

They have three different equalization modes , so you can adapt exactly to what you’re listening to. By means of the tactile controls that they incorporate you will be able to select the equalization modes, as well as make other changes.

They are very light so you will not have problems when taking them with you anywhere. If you are worried about autonomy , you should know that with its case you will have up to 32 hours of charge . This will make you forget about the charger for a long, long time. And they are the first we see with fast charging ! With ten minutes of charging you can enjoy an hour of music.

When it comes to pairing them, it will be very simple since you only have to take them out of the case. By having bluetooth 5.2, they are compatible with practically all devices. Of course, they have microphones so you can make calls and be heard perfectly.

Xiaomi Redmi Buds 3 Pro: with noise cancellation!

Although it seems impossible, these Xiaomi wireless headphones have active noise cancellation . And they cost around €50! If what you want is to be able to completely isolate yourself from your environment, they are the best alternative. They are completely in-ear, which makes their isolation more complete. Of course, noise cancellation reaches up to 35 dB .

xiaomi redmibuds 3 pro

As a positive point of these headphones, you should know that they can be paired with two devices at the same time. As for autonomy , they offer the possibility of listening to music uninterruptedly for up to 6 hours. If you add the case to that, you have 28 hours! And they even have fast charging for those times of need. With 10 minutes, you will have 3 hours of autonomy.

They have touch controls and microphones, so what you can do with them goes far beyond listening to music.

JBL Wave: with a built-in microphone

Raising the price range a bit we find these JBL Wave 300 . You can find them on sale for about sixty euros from time to time, although their original price is 100 euros. So don’t think about it too much if you see them with that discount!

The sound they offer is of high quality, with very deep bass. In addition, they have a design that will make you feel comfortable at all times with them. They will not bother you or hurt you, regardless of the hours you wear them.

JBL Wave 300

The autonomy is very high, since they have six hours of playback in a row. And up to 26 hours total with the charging case! An important detail of this case is that it has LED lights that will indicate the status of the battery so that you can always see it.

They have touch controls so you can manage both calls and music. Also, they are compatible with any virtual assistant you want. Including Alexa! By having microphones , you will no longer have to use voice commands.

The top wireless headphones: for demanding

Are you one of those who has the quality of the music you listen to as an absolute priority? Or do you need yes or yes that the headphones have good noise cancellation? In that case, we have some high-end models with which you will surely find yourself much more comfortable.

The specifications of these wireless headphones are quite high, which also raises the price. Of course: they are a safe long-term investment.

Some very top wireless headphones from JBL

Within the high-end wireless headphones, these from JBL are among the most affordable. They are around €100, and they are completely in- ear . In this way, you will ensure that they do not fall off at any time, even if you do sports with them on.

JBL color beige

They have active noise cancellation so you can work with them and isolate yourself from the outside world. In turn, they have four microphones . If one of your priorities is to make calls with the best audio quality, these headphones are made for you.

They are both sweat and water resistant, and feature JBL Pure Bass technology . Thanks to this, the bass sounds very clearly at all times, allowing you to lose yourself in the music you listen to.

If you activate noise cancellation, the battery can last up to 8 hours. With the case, this is extended to 24 hours in total. They also have fast charging !

Sony: Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant

For those who use virtual assistants a lot, like Alexa, these Sony headphones are among the best you can find. Not only because they will make it much easier for you, but because they have incredible specifications .

Sony auriculares inalámbricos

First of all, they have very good noise cancellation . If you work in a very noisy office, you will want to take them with you every day to work. The battery will not be a problem either, since they offer you up to 32 hours thanks to the charging case. If you use noise cancellation, they will go down to 24 hours since it requires more energy.

They are very comfortable to wear, since their design adapts perfectly to the ear. As for the price , they are around €200 . However, we have come to find them for up to €130 on offer… So you will surely be lucky!

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro in purple

The most striking wireless earphones on our list are these from Samsung , the Buds Pro in purple. Its design resembles the shape of a bean, something that has made many people doubt its ergonomics. However, it will suffice to try them on for you to see for yourself that this shape is specifically designed to fit your ear.

Samsung galaxy buds pro

The best thing about these headphones is the quality of their noise cancellation . You will be able to work even with works in your home, and you will also be able to isolate yourself from everything that surrounds you. Also, being so compact you can take them to the office every day without this being a big problem.

The autonomy is also very good, since with noise cancellation they offer you up to 6 hours . If you use the case, you will easily reach 28 hours. They allow you to move away from the music source up to 10 meters, so you will also have a lot of freedom of movement.

As for the price , they are not the most affordable. They cost around one hundred euros, but when they came onto the market they practically doubled this cost. So they are still a bargain!

Jaybird Vista: ideal for athletes and with IPX7

These wireless headphones from Jaybird are specifically designed for those who use them for sports . Thanks to their IPX7 protection, they are completely waterproof, so there will be no sweat to damage them.

Jaybird vista

In terms of ergonomics, they are very comfortable in the ear since they fit perfectly. Run with them and don’t lose them at any time. The case is also very convenient to store anywhere, so you will always want to carry them by your side.

With the headphones application you can fully control the equalization , thus adapting exactly to what you listen to. They also have custom controls so you can quickly activate virtual assistants or change songs.

If you are worried about autonomy , you should know that you will have six hours of music without interruptions. In total, thanks to the charging case, you can have up to 32 hours of battery life. The price is around €160, but we are talking about one of the top of the moment.

Apple AirPods Pro with Magsafe Charging Case

Apple’s wireless headphones could not not be in this buying guide, since they are one of the great essentials right now. Its price is around €200 – €280, depending a lot on whether you find an offer or not. Of course, they offer incredible sound cancellation that will allow you to work in the noisiest environments.

Apple Airpods Pro

In addition to canceling the sound in conditions, it also has an ambient sound mode . This will allow you to listen to everything around you whenever you want. As peculiarities, it has spatial audio with dynamic head tracking and adaptive equalization .

It also has pressure sensors so you can control music and answer calls. They are resistant to both water and sweat. The battery is not one of its strong points, although they continue to offer more than four hours of music in a row. With the charging case, this will go up to 24 hours.

Our favorite headphones

If we only had to keep some wireless headphones , we would not have many doubts: the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro are our favorites. First of all because of the original design they have, and because of how compact and light the case is. But also for the quality of the audio they offer and for the noise cancellation .

In addition, they have a battery capable of holding up to five hours with active noise cancellation. This is something that few headphones can offer, so it’s something to consider!