Programs to help you create better games with Unreal Engine

Today, video game development is within everyone’s reach. If we are interested in this sector, we can create games in different programming languages, being able to choose the one we know best, or the one we are best at. What’s more, even with the right tools it is possible to create all kinds of games without knowing anything about programming. However, if we want to do something as professional as possible, we will need to resort to advanced development engines, such as Unity, or the popular Unreal Engine.

Programs to help you create better games with Unreal Engine

Programming IDEs are the environments within which we put all the gears together so that our game can work. We assign methods to objects, configure variables, and even create game scenes. However, not all development is done from here, but it is often necessary to resort to external tools that allow us to create the different elements of our game.

We are going to see below some programs that cannot be missing on our PC if what we are trying to do is create a game using the Unreal Engine.

Visual Studio Code, the best way to program in Unreal Engine

The first of the programs that we are going to talk about is Visual Studio Code . This video game engine, in addition to using its own Blueprint Visual Scripting system, also allows you to create games using the C++ programming language. And, for this, what better way than to use one of the best programming IDEs on the market, developed and maintained by Microsoft as part of free software.

Visual Studio Code interfaz

Thanks to this IDE we will be able to shape our code with all the help that Microsoft software offers us, from syntax highlighting to programming aids such as IntelliSense, method autocompletion, and even the use of AI if we participate within of the Copilot program. Of course, a tool that can not be missing in the team of any programmer.

Blender, to master 3D

Designing a game is not just coding. The graphic part is also very important, especially if we are thinking of designing a 3D game. Although there are a large number of resources available online, if we want our game to be personal and unique, we will have to resort to the use of design tools. And one of the best, when it comes to 3D design, is Blender .

blender interfaz

And it is that Blender will not only help us to create the 3D models that we are going to use, but, already in advanced levels, it will also serve us as a tool to manage and control the animations of our character. If we take care of the graphic part of the game, this tool will be essential.

Create your sound with Audacity

We have already seen the code part, the graphics part and, of course, the third part that we are going to see is the audio part. Be it the soundtrack, such as sound effects or dubbing, they are also very important elements in the development of a video game. And, to shape them, we can use a tool that we will surely know: Audacity .

Reproducir música con Audacity

Once again, a totally free and open source program with which we will be able to record all kinds of sounds to edit and improve any sound already recorded or created with another program. It is true that as far as sound creation is concerned, it may be a bit short, but we will not be able to continue our project without the songs going through it first.