Programs and web to create a Christmas greeting

As every December 24 we celebrate Christmas Eve and Christmas tomorrow, so if we have not done it yet and we have waited for the last day, surely we will have to send the typical congratulations to our friends, family and other loved ones. Since the advent of the Internet, it has become increasingly common to send them by email or WhatsApp messages, to the detriment of the postcard in a letter. For this we can use a pre-designed greeting card or choose to create them ourselves.

If we want to be a little more original, it never hurts to directly create our own Christmas greeting to later share it with our loved ones. To help us with this work we can use some free web services, as well as some programs with which to do it in a simple and original way during this Christmas Eve.

Programs and web to create a Christmas greeting

Webs to design congratulations

Next, we are going to see a series of websites from which we can create and configure our Christmas greetings in a simple way, so they will be ideal as last-minute resources.

Galleryplay, simplicity and variety for your congratulations

It is a website that will allow us to create Christmas greetings with animated images without having to have any software installed, so that we can create it from wherever we want and from different devices. In addition, it is in Spanish so that we do not have any problems when using it. To access, click on this link to its main web page . Once we access it, all you have to do is click on the “Start” button.

Galleryplay comenzar

On the next screen we are going to find a list of 19 pre-designed animated images so that we can choose the one we like the most. If we prefer, we can also choose to upload our own photo or videos by clicking on the “Use your own Photo or Video” section. Then we click on the “Next” button and it will take us to another screen where we can choose both the color and the wallpaper that we are going to incorporate into our greeting image . We will have from Christmas trees, to snowflakes and Christmas gifts.

Galleryplay elegir vídeo

Once we have selected the one we like the most, click on “Next”. In the new window we will compose our card indicating in the first paragraph who it is addressed to. Later we will write our own congratulatory message and finally our signature or text for the closure. At the bottom, we find two buttons. One of them will be used to generate a link of the congratulation to be able to share it with whoever we want and another to be able to send it directly by email. We can also preview the final result, by clicking on the “Preview” button that we find in the upper right part of the page.

Galleryplay crear saludo navideño

Canva, wide range of templates available

This popular website will allow us to share our Christmas spirit by creating personalized postcards. For this we can use one of its hundreds of templates with Christmas designs or upload an image of ours, and all for free . To get started, just click on this link to its official website . Once we are on your home page, all you have to do is click on the “Start designing personalized Christmas Postcards” button.

Crear felicitación de Navidad con Canva

This will take us to a new window where we will find on the left side with a wide list of templates from which we can choose the one we like the most. Once selected, it will be added to the menu on the right from where we can fully customize it. It is possible to change the entire content of the greeting so that we can adapt it. At the top we choose the color, font, size and we can even add some effects.

Once we have finished it, we can save it in PDF format by clicking on its corresponding button at the top. Or, we can click on the “Share” button.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express, create, share or download your greeting

From this Adobe web application we can create unique Christmas cards with which to surprise our loved ones. It has thousands of templates designed so that it is not necessary to start with a blank canvas, but that we already have the basis of our congratulations. We just have to look for a platform, a task, a style and color to unleash our inspiration. We can access it by clicking on this link to the Adobe website .

Adobe Creative Cloud Express

Once we have our template we can change both the text and the font and if necessary, change the images it incorporates for our own photos. We can also use those images that Adobe Creative Cloud Express offers us for free and even add our logo, colors and fonts of our brand. Finally, with the design of our card completed we can share it on social networks or download and print it.

All effect, quickly make a Christmas photo montage

This website allows us to create online and without having to download any software our Christmas card with our photo and adding a photomontage . It has its own editor of montages and frames for Christmas photos, being very easy to use. Once finished we can send it by email, share it on WhatsApp or download it to be able to print it. To begin we must click on this link to access your website .


To do this, simply choose a pre-designed frame to which we must add our photo. Later we can add a text, add a filter and even adjust it automatically so that the photo is well centered in the frame and even add emojis. The only drawback that we will find is that it will be necessary for us to register, otherwise we will create the postcard with a watermark.

Programs to congratulate Christmas

We can also make use of some programs with which to personalize our own Christmas greeting by using templates

Microsoft Word, create your greeting using a template

When we talk about word processors we cannot deny that Word is the most popular and used worldwide. Although many associate it simply with writing documents, the truth is that this powerful Microsoft tool can also help us create our Christmas greetings by using templates .

Plantillas Navidad de Word

And is that Word has a good number of free templates to facilitate our work. To do this, when we open the program, we will find a search box at the top where we can write the term “Christmas”. This will make a good number of specially pre-designed templates appear on the screen for these dates. Once we have selected it, it is enough to start the customization task by making all the modifications that we consider appropriate.

Word belongs to the Office or Microsoft 365 office suite, which we can purchase by clicking on this link to the Microsoft website .

Adobe Photoshop, personalize your most creative greeting

When it comes to image editing, Photoshop is an almost essential tool. If it is used mainly in the professional field, the truth is that it is increasingly used in the domestic field. The possibilities of this application are almost unlimited and obviously it can be of great help to us when making our Christmas greetings since we can download templates in PSD or PNG format with which to work.

Photoshop felicitación de Navidad

We can also download a pack of Christmas brushes from the Internet that with the help of layers we can give it a creative touch. To this we can add a personalized text that goes with the general design of the card and that can be read easily. With a little skill and imagination we can get an attractive Christmas greeting. In order to use Photoshop we must pay 24.19 euros per month, but we can download a trial version from the Adobe website .