Programming in Linux: Advantages Over Windows and macOS

We have at hand a multitude of hardware equipment, operating systems and programs to carry out our projects with the PC. Everything will depend on what best suits our needs. In the event that we are about to program , Linux may be one of the most suitable options.

It is true that in desktop PC work environments, Windows is the most widely used system in the world. However, Linux can also help us a lot in a multitude of types of work, even with more advantages than we could find in the Redmond system. In fact, along these same lines, we are going to focus on a somewhat specific way of working, such as programming.

Programming in Linux: Advantages Over Windows and macOS

This is because at this point there are still many programmers, both new and somewhat older, who still do not know the power of Linux and its flexibility in this regard. Therefore, those who want to dedicate themselves to the interesting world of programming and who have just started their career, or experienced ones who have been programming in Windows for years, could consider switching to Linux.

More since this operating system has become more and more accessible to everyone, even the most novice. That is why we want to show you some of the main advantages that we will find when using Linux to program and for developers in general.

Linux is an open source operating system

Contrary to what happens with Windows, we must know that Linux is an open source operating system. This means that the code that composes it is open to everyone, something more than beneficial in the world of programming. In this mode, any programmer has the ability to view, edit or contribute to the source code that was used in the development of everything that makes up the system.

What’s more, they have the possibility to create their own version of the operating system and focus it on certain tasks within their personal projects. Whether for leisure, research, the multimedia world, etc.

Security is greater

One of the sections that are most taken into account when developing applications in Windows is everything related to security. However, if we finally decide to program in Windows, we must know that this is an operating system that is much less prone to malware and viruses. This will always be beneficial both in the creation and in the maintenance of your own projects .

Hardware requirements in Linux are lower

Something that we should also know is that Linux is a very efficient software when it comes to the use of system resources. Its installation can be customized, in most cases, and the necessary hardware requirements are easy to meet in these times. All this allows programmers to create their own projects valid for old hardware, in addition to optimizing all available hardware resources to the maximum.

Ocenaudio Linux

Linux is free and has a huge community behind it

Saying that Linux is free , so a good part of the programs and platforms that we use here have no cost either. This can be extrapolated to both the novice user and the more advanced user. So we have a good amount of training software that will help us get started in the programming sector here, at no cost.

In addition to all this we can add that this is an operating system with strong community support. Therefore, programmers can easily find support over the Internet among forums and other Linux enthusiast websites and thus program more easily and fluently.