How to Program the Battery Saving Mode on a Xiaomi

The battery is one of the great concerns of mobile users, of that there is no doubt, and stretching it as much as possible is something we do every day with all the tricks we have at our fingertips. One of the most effective ways is to program the battery saving mode of a Xiaomi mobile .

Program the Battery Saving Mode on a Xiaomi

This battery saving mode is available on all mobiles, although each manufacturer places it in a different place in its software layer. Today we review the place where you can program this battery saving mode quickly and easily.

So you can program the battery saving

It is very simple to be able to program this battery saving mode in our Xiaomi phone , being one of the basic aspects when it comes to having more battery power in our phone. Well, for this the basic thing is that the saving mode of this is active at certain times. It is usually when a certain battery level is reached, usually 20%. But this time what we propose is that you activate the battery saving mode at a specific time every day .

ahorro batería Xiaomi

This time can coincide with the same time you go to sleep and you will not need the phone, or any other time when you know that you are not going to use it. For this there is a setting in MIUI where we can program the activation of the phone’s battery saving mode . Something we can do like this:

  • Enter the settings
  • Access battery and performance
  • Click on “energy”
  • Select the nut icon in the upper right
  • Enter “battery saver”
  • At the bottom is the “schedule” section

This is where we must activate the setting, in order to program the time when the mode change to battery saving is activated. Once we do, we can choose at the bottom the start time of the mode and the end time of this mode. When set, it will be at those times when the battery saving mode is active. Therefore, we can choose the time slot in which we think will be most useful. Because it should be noted that when this mode is activated there are many aspects of the phone that do not work in the same way, and performance is partially limited.