Problems with WiFi on Xiaomi Phones: How to Fix Them

When we are connected to a WiFi network with our Xiaomi mobile phone, we would not have to suffer problems, especially if we are at home or in a trusted place. However, WiFi connection failures, slow speed or outages may appear more than we would like on our smartphone. To solve it we show you the main problems with which we are going to find and with the best solutions.

Problems with WiFi on Xiaomi Phones

In the event that the specific solutions for our problem do not take effect, we recommend that you try the other solutions, so we will discard problems until we find the solution. These WiFi problems in MIUI are more common in what we would like and although in most cases they have a relatively simple solution, it can be a headache until you find the error.

WiFi is very slow on Xiaomi

The connection speeds in WiFi networks should no longer be a problem, we have fiber optics in a large majority of homes and even so ADSL should not give any problem if there are not too many connected devices. In most cases it is a configuration error among the many options that we enter in MIUI and that as we are going to explain you can fix.

Activate extreme traffic mode in MIUI

In order to improve the WiFi speed in Xiaomi we have to go to the settings of our mobile, enter the WiFi section to find us or the options we need:

  • First we will click on the WiFi assistant.
  • Then we choose the Traffic mode option.
  • Finally we activate it and select Extreme mode.

modo trafico wifi xiaomi

With this change, what we are going to achieve is to give priority to the processes that we are using in the background, so we will not be losing WiFi signal in other background processes such as updates, social media content or other aspects that may make what we really are not have enough signal.

Disable battery saver

Although it can be very useful in some cases, the battery saving limits the possibilities of our mobile including the WiFi network. All processes will slow down if we have it activated. Something we can do from Settings> Battery and performance and then deactivate it with a simple button.

desactivar-o'desactivar ahorro bateria xiaomi

Choose the best network and deselect automatic

Going back to the settings of the WiFi connection in Xiaomi we have to recognize the different networks that appear in the router of our house or place where we connect. In most WiFi routers we already have the 2.4 GHz or the 5 GHz connection. These networks offer us different results, the 5G one is faster although its range is better and the 2.4 GHz one offers a greater range maintaining a good speed.

asistente wifi xiaomi

In order not to have the problems that may arise, what we will do is remove the automatic network change offered by Xiaomi and we will be the ones who will decide to be connected to the 2.4 GHz network except in specific cases. We will do this by going to Settings> WiFi> WiFi Assistant> Select the best networks and finally deactivating the option.

It is impossible to connect to the WiFi network

When we try to connect to WiFi and it is impossible, it can have its origin in a specific failure, especially if it only affects our Xiaomi mobile and the rest of the devices if they can.

Restart the mobile

The best thing we can do in this case is to restart the mobile, this old trick continues to work due to many problems and could be a network error that is solved only with these steps. If the error continues, we can do the same with the WiFi router, turning it off and leaving it that way for at least 30 seconds and then turning it on and trying to connect again.

Reset WiFi and network settings in MIUI

The error may be in our mobile phone due to a series of adjustments in the mobile networks and WiFi sections that prevent a correct connection. Given this problem, we are going to eliminate everything that may be causing the problem in MIUI with these steps:

restablecer wifi red movil xiaomi

  • We enter the Settings of our smartphone.
  • Then we go to the Connection and share menu.
  • We went down to the option to restart Wi-Fi.
  • And finally we click on recover factory settings confirming it later.

Unexpected connection outages

When we are browsing social networks, the web browser or watching streaming content and the WiFi connection cuts appear in Xiaomi, nobody seems a good time. To prevent this problem from recurring as much as it usually happens to us, we have effective solutions that do not depend on our mobile, but if we continue, we must review the previous occlusions that we have been able to see.

Change the channel of the WiFi network

One of the most common problems with WiFi in homes is the saturation of networks that we can find. This makes the channels in which our WiFi emits suffer falls when coinciding with many others. To solve them we will do is consult one of the many apps available on Google Play about the status of our WiFi.

cartel wifi zone en muro de ladrillo

Then all we have to do is access our WiFi router and follow the necessary steps to change it. If we do not know how to carry it out because each company uses a different method, we must contact the company.

Interference from other devices

These interruptions could also be caused because we have different devices around the WiFi router. Even if they do not connect to the network such as smartwatches that have WiFi connection or even some household appliances that are based on waves, they would be generating a field that cuts the sel of our WiFi and prevents it from reaching our Xiaomi mobile. Just by changing it place we will notice how now the cuts are not repeated.