Problems Updating to EMUI 10 on Huawei Phones: How to Fix Them

Despite the problems facing the Chinese firm and its open war with the US, the EMUI 10 update based on Android 10 has already been implemented on several Huawei and Honor phones around the world since December 2019. Without However, even if the software for your phone is available, you don’t skip the update notice. Why?

On many occasions we find ourselves when, when announcing the availability of a specific software such as the Huawei Mate 20 (which who writes this uses in a personal capacity already has updated to the latest version of EMUI), many complain that Mobile seen has not arrived.

EMUI 10 en el Huawei Mate 20

And it is true that, although the company claims to have updated the Mate 20 or the P30 Pro to Android 10, for example, multiple phones remain in EMUI 9.1 for no apparent reason. How is it possible that the EMUI 10 update for my Huawei mobile phone has been available for months but I still can’t download and install it?

Update issues

Today we do not want to talk about the problems that EMUI 10 causes on your mobile , but about the problems for which you are not receiving the software even though Huawei has already released it.

Huawei started launching EMUI 10 almost half a year ago but the brand itself has generated some confusion in line with its strategy. For example, the manufacturer released update for some Chinese P30 Pro and we all hoped that the European P30 Pro should start receiving the software soon. However, the brand soon declared that this software was a trial version with errors that should be more worked.

emui 10

Update by region

Now the update is now officially available but the problem that users face is that they come by region. In general, OEMs implement mass OS updates by device and by region and that is why, although we see that software lands, for example, in Germany, that does not mean that it will appear in Spain the next day.

Update by model

Beyond the region, the unity mole we have in hand comes into play. For example, in the UK, phones unlocked by the operator should have started receiving EMUI 10 this month. However, it seems that Huawei is implementing the update in lots restricted by serial number. It is not something exclusive but quite unusual.

Operator Update

Nowadays, few cell phones are used in connection with a telephone company, but if your Huawei smartphone is “tied to an operator”, the update process will be different. Operator-locked phones rarely receive operating system updates before free models.

For all these reasons some devices have received EMUI 10 while others remain in EMUI 9.1 even if they are in the same region. You can always force the update to EMUI 10 to receive the software as soon as possible but in the end you will not be able to do anything other than wait for the OTA update notice to appear on your mobile.