Problems Charging the iPad? These May Be the Keys to Fix It

You can already have a latest generation iPad or the original iPad, which if you have problems charging or not charging you will have a major problem. But do not worry, since everything has a solution and that is what we will try to show you in this post. What are the causes of an iPad not charging correctly and what can you do to fix it.

Causes and solutions for an iPad that does not charge

First, and to rule out possible causes, we focus on the software. It should be noted that it is not common for a software version to cause an iPad to charge improperly, but everything can happen and perhaps a strange bug has sneaked into your device. For this we recommend you go to Settings> General> Software update and check if there is an update that can be installed on your device. As we say, this may be the solution but there are not many probabilities.

Going to the most common causes for an iPad not to charge, we find a defective charger . Check that both the cable and the power adapter are in perfect condition on the outside. It is possible that some of these have suffered some damage that cannot be seen with the naked eye, so the clearest recommendation is to test different cables and adapters to check if with any of them the device charges correctly.

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Something important to note about the previous problem is that if your iPad is under warranty you can take a new free charger from the Apple Store. Of course, the cable and / or adapter must be in good condition and not be broken or stripped. Apple will understand that for reasons beyond your control you have a defective cable and will give you a new one. In the authorized technical services there is also this possibility.

A cause that is also very common in these cases is to find that the internal charging connector is dirty. Yes, it sounds quite absurd, but there are many cases of devices that have stopped charging because of some tiny speck of dust or lint that gets into the tiny connector. To solve it, we recommend introducing a small stick that does not release lint and, with extreme delicacy, try to remove the accumulated dirt.

We also include water or moisture damage as another of the most common causes for this case. Also, if this is the problem with your iPad, we are sorry to tell you that Apple does not cover this type of damage to your warranty. Nor does it cover it if the internal connector is broken . These causes are not repairable by yourself, or at least it is not recommended that the user try to take it away. Therefore we recommend going to the Apple technical support website and making an appointment in which a specialized technician checks the status of your iPad and, if necessary and prior authorization, proceed to repair it.

The price of repair at Apple depends on several factors. One of them the iPad model you have and another also very remarkable is the problem you have. The cost of changing a complete device for water damage will not be the same as changing a single connector. Therefore you will have to wait to go to an Apple Store or Authorized Technical Support to know what amount you will have to pay if you want to have an iPad that charges perfectly.