Printing with Alexa and Using Connected Printers

Alexa introduced the ability to use connected printers long ago. In this way, with a simple voice command you could have different types of documents printed. Now those capabilities have improved and could be useful to you, although you should know how it is done and what limitations it offers.

How to connect a printer with Alexa

Having a printer with the ability to connect to the local network or home WiFi is no longer anything out of the ordinary. Most manufacturers of this type of device have been offering this feature for years in practically their entire range, from very simple models to more advanced ones.

Printing with Alexa and Using Connected Printers

And it is logical, because with the popularization of laptops and other mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, the strange thing is that there are users who today use them connected through a USB cable. Therefore, it is not surprising that devices such as Amazon’s smart speakers added support to be able to print documents through a simple voice command .

That is what Alexa has allowed for a while and now it has been improved with new options. Although it is important to know that at the moment it is only available for accounts configured in English. But if you have no problem doing it, you will be able to use many of the models from manufacturers such as HP, Epson, Canon or Brother for all this.

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Of course, before giving you ideas and telling you some of the commands that you can use, it is important that you know how to connect your printer to the Alexa app. To pair your device compatible with Alexa and your connected printer, you have to follow the following steps:

  1. Open the Alexa app or visit the website
  2. Go to the Devices tab
  3. Once there, tap on the Add new device option
  4. Select Printers
  5. Now select your printer model that should appear like any other device you pair
  6. Ready, in a matter of seconds or minutes your application and Alexa account will be paired to your printer

Now that you have your printer connected and the Manufacturer Skill installed, the next step is to know what you can ask Alexa to print for you . On the Amazon support page you have a pretty complete list of commands of things you can do. For example, you could tell Alexa to print your to-do list, grocery list, recipe, or something similar like calendars, coloring pages, etc. What’s more, you could even have Alexa notify you when it detects that you are low on ink in the cartridges.

However, support for using connected printers by Alexa has yet to continue to improve and add support for user accounts in other languages such as Spanish. Which would be great if it arrived soon. Although it is also true that with the passage of time and the use of different apps, printing on paper has been left solely and exclusively for those documents intended for administrative procedures.

In any case, that decision must be made by each one. What is clear is that together with the use of Alexa routines it can give a lot of play in office environments. Or if you are working from home to have the goals that you must meet in sight each day.