Prime Day 2020: What It Is, When It Is, And Bargain Hunting Tips

Prime Day 2020 is just around the corner so this is undoubtedly the perfect time for you to plan how to act. Because yes, it will be two crazy days and the best thing for you and your portfolio is that you are clear about how everything works , what you are going to find and above all what you have to do to avoid falling into any “bargain” that in the end is not. Make yourself comfortable that I give you some tips to be the ninja of the next Prime Day.

Key tips for good shopping

Prime Day is the best time to buy all year round on Amazon and the firm does not skimp on discounts, with two days of sales on products of all kinds and the promise that it will be the moment when you will see them at their lowest price . Even so, you have to be clear about some guidelines to buy, so that on October 13 and 14 you do not literally go crazy between so much discount.

Prime Day 2020

Become Amazon Prime now

Having a Prime account is essential to buy on Prime Day. If you do not have it, the Amazon website will not even show you the discounted prices and you will miss a lot of things. Our advice is not to wait until Wednesday at 00:00 to open your account: first because you will miss the first moments of sales; second, because, hey, we entered the bridge and while you’re there, you can enjoy Amazon Prime Video (which is included) and watch some series like the crazy The Boys , the award-winning Fleabag or the dystopian The Man in the High Castle , for not Talk about the films and documentaries available. You will also have access to Prime Reading (with tons of free books) and Prime Music.

You can sign up for the following button , enjoy it from today and for a full month without paying anything and then, if it doesn’t convince you, unsubscribe (always before the month expires and they will charge you, of course).

Check the price history

This is first of offers . When you buy on an Amazon-like website, your thing is that you always check its historical price to verify that you are actually facing a good discount. We always do it for you when we show you sales at El Output, but if you get a little cloudy next Tuesday or Wednesday, you go straight to Amazon without going through here first – ahem, ahem – and you don’t know if you’re getting a good bargain, his thing is that you use a price history checker.

Historial de precios Keepa

Our favorites are Camelcamelcamel and Keepa , because they are simple, direct and show all the information you need. You just enter the web, enter the address of the product in its search engine and you will see its price history since it arrived at Amazon. In the case of Keepa, there is even a plugin for Chrome that you can install, thus being able to consult the information directly while you see the product that interests you.

If there is a waiting list, sign up

It will happen to you: you will see an offer, you will run towards it and boom! you will find that the product is with 100% of the reserved amounts. Nothing happens, there is still hope. If they offer to sign you up for a waiting list, go ahead. Many times people buy by inertia, put the product in their shopping cart and then do not buy it and release it.

Cajas de Amazon

On other occasions what happens is that they think too much or entertain themselves a lot and in the end, the time they have to formalize the purchase runs out, losing the product anyway -this happens in special offers of limited units in which Amazon gives a limited time to finalize the purchase or you take it out of the basket again so that you do not “reserve” them for life.

Take advantage of the 10 euros as a gift

We already explained to you the other day that if you buy products from small and medium-sized companies during these days, Amazon gives you a bonus of up to 10 euros (you must first spend another ten euros, yes). This extra money can be used on October 13 and 14, during Prime Day, thus discounting that amount from your purchases. Keep that in mind. You have until the 12th to take advantage of the promotion.

Don’t fall asleep, the party starts at 0:00!

The Prime Day 2020 offers start on the 13th at 0:00 and from that moment there will be offers available. We therefore recommend that, if you can, do not stop taking a look at that time in case any offer falls …

Where to find the best deals?

In El Output we will be covering the most attractive offers of the two days related to Prime Day 2020. For this we have prepared a special page with the best discounts of Prime Day in which we will show you all the products that we consider interesting and worthwhile have on the radar (organized by prices and categories). At the moment there are only two products (the only ones that Amaozn has launched prior to Prime Day, but from the 13th it will begin to update non-stop).

Prime Day 2020 en El Output

Also on our home page we will publish the most outstanding offers of the moment so that you find out first. As you know (on our special page we explain it to you in detail if you scroll down) there are offers of various types and some will only be available for one or two hours at most. This type of limited-time offers will appear, for example, on our front page, so we recommend that you access frequently and do not lose sight of us.

Two very good days are ahead. Don’t let them tell you.