The Price of the iPhone 12 Mini and its Connectivity Revealed

This year we will have to wait for the presentation of the new Apple phones, since from the traditional date of September this year we will have to settle for the month of October to be able to know the new phones of the Californian firm. And the iPhone 12 mini could be one of the big surprises, although it is going to be disappointing in part.

iPhone 12 mini

It will undoubtedly be one of the great attractions of this year in the presentation of the iPhone 12 , that mini model, which will recall the best days of compact Apple phones. Although there will be a feature that we all took for granted that will not be present.

Without 5G, a disappointment?

That is what we have known today, that the new iPhone 12 mini would not have 5G connectivity , something that was expected for the brand’s new phones in 2020. It had been speculated that only the Pro models would have it, and it seems that it’s going to be like this finally.

iphone 12 concepto

Once again, analysts specializing in the apple brand are behind these claims. Specifically from The Wall Street Journal they assure that this basic Apple phone will not have 5G connectivity.

And the price?

This analyst has also talked about the price that this new mini version will have, which will be around $ 700 , which can be quite a lot if we compare it with some of its rivals in the market, which also already have 5G connectivity. Something that for these prices today should be essential. Therefore, it seems that we are facing a phone that has once again been designed for the most unconditional of Apple, who are not few, and who will not take into account a high price of the phone despite not having 5G connectivity. It will still be the cheapest iPhone, behind the iPhone SE 2020.

iphone 12 tamaños mini

It makes sense that this new iPhone 12 mini does not have 5G, if we take into account that a new Apple processor, the B14 , developed for lower ranges and with less power, hence the cost reduction that leads to being able to have a tighter price than its peers in the range. Therefore we will be facing a mobile that could be even somewhat less powerful than the iPhone SE 2020 that has the Apple A13. In return, it will be a very popular phone, surely due to its compact size and modern design, in the style of the other phones in the range, incorporating Face ID and a borderless screen. Apple fans will surely forgive Apple for the lack of 5G.