Prezi, the alternative with which you will never use PowerPoint again

If we think about creating a presentation, the first name that comes to mind is PowerPoint, an application that, with more than 30 years on the market, has become a reference to such an extent that people use the name PowerPoint instead. of presentation. PowerPoint is an application that is part of the Microsoft 365 subscription, a subscription that is really worth paying for if we regularly work with documents of all kinds and that includes 1 TB of storage.

However, if our needs when creating any type of document are reduced to a minimum, but we need to create a presentation to celebrate the birthday of a loved one, a family event, or to present our services to a company or individual On the market we can find interesting free alternatives that also work through any browser, so we can use it with any computer, no matter how powerful it is. The most complete solution of all is offered by Prezi.


What is Prezi

Prezi is a platform that allows us to create moving presentations in a much easier way than with PowerPoint, presentations that will quickly capture the interest of the people to whom they are addressed. This platform offers us a large number of templates that we can customize in a few seconds and without having to have any knowledge of design, let alone programming.


In addition, it also offers us the Prezi Video function, a platform that allows us to make our presentations online through the most used video call applications such as Zoom, Teams, Meet, Webex, among others. It also allows us to create and share graphs, infographics and many more in a very simple way based on the data that we enter, a function that to do in PowerPoint we will be forced to resort to Excel.

Prezi’s user interface is very simple and intuitive and is designed so that anyone, regardless of their computer skills, can quickly create the presentation they want in a few minutes, as long as they have previously wasted time browsing through the thousands of templates available on the platform, templates classified into different categories so finding the one we are looking for should not be very complicated.


Although our needs are basic, with Prezi we can create spectacular presentations completely free of charge, both individually or collaboratively. But, if we want to get the most out of this alternative to PowerPoint, we will have to contract one of the 3 subscription plans that it makes available to us.

How much does it cost

Prezi puts at our disposal different plans to create all kinds of presentations, to satisfy both basic and professional needs. The Basic plan is completely free and allows us to create quite complete presentations, but we don’t have access to the large number of resources that this platform includes and we can only create a maximum of 5 projects.

The next cheapest plan is the Standard , a plan that allows us to create unlimited projects and use a large part of all the content available natively on the platform, as well as the possibility of creating videos and presentations using the large number of templates available. If we fall short, we can opt for the Plus and Premium plans whose prices are 10 and 25 euros per month respectively.