How to Prevent the Screen of a Huawei Mobile from Activating by Accident

Whether we like it or not, the screen of every mobile device is essential so that we can use the phone. However, as it is a touch panel, it is always the case that it is turned on accidentally, and even more so when there are different configurations that consist of activating itself as soon as the mobile is lifted. Although, it is not always to everyone’s liking.

It is for this reason that we will discover what are the best settings so that we can avoid this problem. To do this, we will activate and disable different settings found on every Huawei smartphone . We will even see solutions in case the options that we enable do not work.

Prevent the Screen of a Huawei Mobile from Activating by Accident

Say goodbye to the lift-to-wake feature

So that the touch panel of your Huawei does not turn on continuously, the firm itself has developed a mode that allows us to prevent accidental keystrokes at any time. In this way, we prevent it from turning on and consuming the battery, for example, when we carry the smartphone in a pocket, backpack or bag.

Although, in recent times a new function has emerged with force that may be the cause of this problem. Therefore, we have to start by checking if the Raise to activate function of our Huawei is enabled or not. To do this, we will have to search for said functionality by that name or by Activating the device within the terminal settings.

Levantar para activar Huawei

Then, access the accessibility functions> Control movements and check if you have it deactivated. Thus, you will ensure that it does not activate on its own every time we lift the terminal. In the case of not finding it, you can also try the quick search. This gesture is designed so that we can quickly unlock the terminal with facial recognition as soon as we pick up the phone.

Also, we may have had it enabled for a while without us noticing. However, it is likely that it has not affected you because the proximity sensor of your mobile in charge of activating this function was blocked by the case or casing that you had in your terminal. It is even more than likely that you have activated it while you were setting up easy recognition for the first time, as it is an option recommended by the terminal itself to improve the experience of this function.

The settings you will need to have on your Huawei

As we said before, the Asian firm has its own tool that avoids accidental keystrokes. For this reason, it becomes one of those settings that every user who has a Huawei should have enabled. In addition, the steps to follow are really simple, and they are the following:

  • In the case of having an EMUI version lower than 10 : go to Settings> Smart assistance and activate Prevention of involuntary actions.
  • If you have a Huawei with a version of EMUI 10 or higher : go to Settings> Accessibility features> Activate Prevention of involuntary actions.

pulsaciones accidentales pantalla móvil

Also, if you are tired of activating the panel of your smartphone on its own, you will have to check if your notification settings are to blame. Luckily, we will be able to deactivate it with a quick option in all versions of EMUI. In this chaos you just have to go into Settings> Notifications> More notification settings and we have an option that affects the entire system to Activate or deactivate the screen .

And also, we will have to enable the Change of covers function, since if not, it may not allow us to disable the previous option. Although one last possibility is that you have the Always On Display (AOD) mode enabled. In this way, what this functionality achieves is that the panel is always active.

So both the date and time will appear on the black background when the screen is turned off as such. To deactivate this option on your Huawei mobile, we will have to go to the Settings menu> Home screen and wallpaper. Then, it will be time to disable the AOD option of your terminal.

Why doesn’t Action Prevention mode work?

The Prevention of involuntary actions mode is one of those functions that we have to activate to avoid possible annoyances and unnecessary battery consumption. With this we will achieve that when our mobile does not detect a key presence in the proximity sensor and detects a low level of light, in fact it is in a bag or pocket and does not allow to answer calls so easily. Therefore, if you still have the problem, check one last time if you have it enabled.

Keep in mind that this mode will only work when the phone panel is locked , as it will help prevent the different “ghost” touches from being detected. Like when they call us and it is answered automatically when it is in a bag or pocket. If in your case, this software tool for Huawei mobile devices does not work when the terminal screen is completely locked, it will be time to take action.

restablecer móvil Huawei

The first thing we will have to try will be by making a backup copy of the mobile data. Afterwards, the mobile operating system will have to be updated. But, if the possibility is not available, we will have to restart the terminal and see if the problem has been solved. If unfortunately the problem is still present, it is possible that a file was deleted from the operating system by mistake.

Therefore, if you have not made a backup, it is time to make one with the most important data. And we also recommend that before taking action, make sure that you have logged in with the Huawei ID, otherwise you may not be able to reactivate the phone later.

Next, you will have to restore the factory settings of your Huawei device. For this, we will have to go to Settings> System and updates> Reset> Reset phone and click on Reset. At that same moment, the phone will ask us to enter our password that we use to unlock our mobile device. Finally, the resetting of the smartphone will begin. Once configured again, it will be necessary to test again if the Prevention of involuntary actions mode does not give us any problems.