How to prevent the Internet from being cut off when sharing a network in Windows

One of the options we have to be able to navigate from other devices is to share a network. For example, we can create a network in Windows, with a computer, and connect a mobile phone, tablet and other devices. But sometimes this doesn’t work well. In this article we are going to explain what to do if problems appear and the connection is cut when we are sharing the network with other devices.

Why the connection is cut when sharing network

prevent the Internet from being cut off when sharing a network in Windows

Sharing the connection with other devices can cause certain problems. One of the most common is that the connection directly stops working. Cuts appear and we cannot navigate neither from the computer, from which we share the network, nor from the other device. There are different reasons why this can happen and one of them is having outdated drivers. That can generate conflicts.

But not only can there be conflicts if we have outdated network card drivers, but Windows itself. If any previous update failed or if we have an outdated version, errors of this type can appear and we must correct them. It is common when similar failures appear, that there are conflicts between the system and the card drivers.

Another reason is a problem with certain programs , such as a firewall or antivirus. They could be blocking the connection and that will cause us to not be able to navigate normally. Even using the wrong band could cut the connection when sharing network in Windows with other devices.

What to do to avoid it

So what can we do to avoid this problem? We are going to talk about some essential steps that you can take to make the network share in Windows work properly and not drop the signal. You will simply have to carry out a series of steps that we are going to explain.

Update drivers

Something fundamental that you must take into account is to update the drivers of the network card. This is essential to achieve proper functioning and also to correct possible vulnerabilities that may affect your security. It does not matter if it is a Wi-Fi card, as it would be in this case when sharing the Internet, or if it is the Ethernet card.

To update the card you must go to Start, enter Device Manager, Network Adapters and select the corresponding card there. You just have to click on the network card with the second mouse button and click Update driver . This will ensure that you have the latest version.

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But the problem might not be having an updated version, but that the drivers are corrupted. In that case, what you are going to do is follow the same steps as above, but this time you click Disable network card and re-enable it. This will reset everything and start installing the drivers from scratch.

Check that Windows is up to date

Do you have Windows updated to the latest version? This is also important for everything to work well and could be the cause of network sharing outages. Make sure that you have the latest version but also that there are no hanging files, as this could cause conflicts.

To update Windows you have to go to Start, enter Settings and go to Windows Update . There it will show you whether or not there is a new version and, if there is, it will install it automatically.

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Change the Wi-Fi band

You can connect to Wi-Fi through the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands . At least on most devices, since today it is usual for them to be compatible. But sometimes one of the two bands can go wrong or not be the best in the situation you are in depending on the distance or the quality of the network.

If you see that you have problems and the connection is cut when sharing a network from Windows, you can use another band. If, for example, you connect to the 2.4 GHz, try connecting to the 5 GHz and check if this way the connection is still cut or starts to work normally.

See if any program interferes

Do you have any programs that might be interfering? Especially it can happen if you use any firewall or VPN , but even an antivirus could affect it. If you see that it doesn’t work well and you use a program of this type, try disabling it momentarily to see if this way the connection is no longer cut.

If you see that the problem is eliminated by disconnecting the program, you will have to look for an alternative. Always install applications that are reliable, secure and work well. Especially when it comes to VPN, firewalls or antivirus it is not a good idea to install any software you find on the net.

Disconnect and connect the network

This step is very simple and basically what you need to do is disconnect the network and then reconnect it. From that moment, you recreate the network share and see if it disconnects or the problem has been solved and you can now browse normally. Something so simple can be the solution sometimes.

Also, you can accompany this with rebooting the system. There could be some process that has been caught and affects when connecting to the network or sharing connection so that other devices can access. By turning off the computer completely and turning it back on, those processes will restart and we can solve certain problems.


As you can see, when trying to create a shared connection with Windows , it may be cut. That will prevent other devices from being able to connect normally. You will not be able to access the Internet. The reasons can be several, although it generally occurs due to a conflict with the drivers or problems with the installed version. Make sure that you have everything well updated and thus avoid problems in the operation of the connection.

However, you should also check the programs you have installed, as some could cause conflicts. Mainly antivirus, firewalls or VPN can be the cause of problems when sharing network in Windows with other devices. Always verify that this application works well.