PowerPoint will Allow You to Save Presentations as GIF

PowerPoint-to-GIFPowerPoint is one of the base pillars of Microsoft, along with Word and Excel. This program allows us to create all kinds of slide shows, simple or with multimedia content, and save them in PPTX format . This format is opened by default with PowerPoint, or with other compatible programs (such as LibreOffice) and allows us to either continue with the presentation development, or show it to other users. However, it seems that Microsoft is preparing a novelty of the most interesting that will arrive very soon to all users of this program.

Initially, PowerPoint presentations and GIF animations do not have much relationship. Not to mention any. While the former are used to expose things, the latter are normally used in social networks for humor issues.

However, it seems that Microsoft wants to give a twist to the concept of GIF images. And so, in the latest Office Insider update, the company will add the ability to save our slide shows as if they were GIF animations.

GIF: the new format for PowerPoint presentations

This new feature is already available in the Office Insider build 12430.20050 , and also corresponds to the 2001 version of the office suite.

Microsoft will allow us to create a presentation in a normal way, with its slides, its effects, its multimedia content, texts, animations, etc. And, when exporting the slide, we can choose what we want to do in GIF format .

PowerPoint guardar como GIF

As we can see in the screenshot of this function, PowerPoint will allow us to choose how many seconds we want to dedicate to each of the slides. We can also choose the quality of the GIF animation, taking into account that the higher the quality, the more the generated file will occupy.

It may seem that this feature is a joke and does not make much sense. However, it is a very intelligent movement . Whenever we are willing to sacrifice the size of the file (since it will fire), we can have the presentation in a format compatible with absolutely any type of device and operating system. And we will not have to depend on Office, LibreOffice or any other program to open the presentation. It will suffice with any image viewer.

Of course, we must bear in mind that once the presentation has been exported to GIF, it cannot be edited again.

Other (less relevant) news from the latest Office Build Insider

In addition to this interesting novelty of PowerPoint, the rest of the applications in the MS Office suite have also received some interesting changes. For example, Word and Excel now allow you to save all kinds of objects, such as shapes, icons and graphics, in image format from the context menu.

Excel guardar gráfica como imagen

And finally, Outlook has also received some improvements to facilitate the search for emails and be more productive when using this new email.

Users who have Office 365 hired can try these Insider versions easily. However, if we are not subscribers of the Microsoft service, the trial versions will not be available to us, and we will have to wait for them to reach all users.