Pokémon Home: What it is, How to Transfer the Old Pokémon Data

Nintendo and Game Freak announced a few days ago the launch of Pokémon Home , the application dreamed by all those Pokémon lovers. Why? Easy. It is a service that will be in charge of storing all your captures, so that you do not lose your beloved Pokémon again due to a console change, accidental deletion or any other type of problem.

How can you save all captured Pokémon?

Pokemon Home

The service arrives to cover a basic need for the times. Until now, the Pokémon Bank had been the solution that allowed the Pokémon to save all Nintendo 3DS users, however, the service had remained outdated and was not compatible with the new versions of the game released on Nintendo Switch.

Now with Pokémon Home everything is more orderly and compatibility is increased, so all those users of the Pokémon Bank can synchronize their old captures to continue boasting a catalog. You already have Pokémon Sword , Pokémon Shield , Let’s Go Pikachu and even the mobile version of Pokémon Go , you can synchronize all your captures and save them safely. But does it cost money?

The price of Pokemon Home will depend on your needs

The service has a completely free mode that will allow you to store a total of 30 creatures. As you can imagine, this store will be small for true game lovers, so if you need more holes you will have to go to the paid subscription, which will allow you to store no less than 6,000 Pokémon. The differences between free and premium are as follows:

The different versions of the application

You can download Pokemon Home on your Nintendo Switch and on your mobile, but both versions will have differences between them. For example, transfers between the console and the service will have to be made from the Switch application, while the process of exchanging Pokémon with friends and acquaintances will have to do it from the mobile. With this table everything will be clear.

What about my old Pokémon? How do I get them back?

If your Pokémon history goes through the versions of Nintendo 64, Game Boy Advance and even the Pokewalker, quiet, in Reddit they have created a diagram with which to understand exactly how to transfer your old captures to the new service to save them forever. The key is to export the catches to the Pokémon Bank, and from there take them to Pokémon Home, but for this you will need a Premium Pokémon Home account yes or yes.

In most situations you will need official Nintendo accessories (and even Hombrew in some cases) to take the captures from one platform to another until you reach the Virtual Console or the Nintendo DS, since these two platforms will be responsible for uploading the material to the Pokémon Bank.