Pokemon GO not working on your Android? What happens and what you should do

Pokemon GO not working on your Android

Pokémon GO has been with us for a few years now. Since its release in July 2016, this mobile Pokémon title has seen all kinds of improvements. The video game today has little to do with that first version that we played on the street in full boom, and in which we had to make repeated attempts opening and closing the application so that the server would let us enter the game. Everything that Pokémon GO is today has achieved thanks to its updates . And for that reason, there are mobile phones that will stop supporting the next version of the application.

Pokémon GO also evolves

Just a year ago, Niantic updated Pokémon GO. And, for the first time, mobile phone owners with a particular system were excluded from the game. As of June 2021, Android Kitkat (version 4.4) phones no longer support the Pokémon augmented reality game. This year, as if it were the limbo game, Niantic has once again set another bar, and it will be Android 6 phones that will no longer have support .

As Niantic has published, this change will apply from version 241 of Pokémon GO . Only players who own an Android Marshmallow phone will be affected. Those who have an iPhone or an Android system or higher will have no problem accessing the game.

Pokémon GO has stopped working on my mobile: what should I do?

First of all, you should know that when a developer stops supporting an operating system, it is usually because functionality has been added that is only available on newer operating systems. When this does not happen, it is usually another quite common practice, and that is that some programmers prefer to leave behind old operating systems when they lose market share . In this way, they can devote more effort to other aspects of the game.

If from Pokémon GO version 241, you cannot access your game, you must update the operating system of your phone . If you’re not sure what version of the operating system is installed on your Android device, you can find this information in the device’s settings. Go to Settings > General > About , and your device information will appear there.

If your phone has a system higher than Android 6, your problem will not be one of incompatibility. If, on the contrary, you are in that version, you should check if there are updates for your terminal. To do this, go to Settings > System > System updates . After waiting a few seconds, your phone will tell you if there are updates available for your model. If so, back up any important information on your phone and update it while it’s connected to power. Once you have your smartphone in a version of Android 7 or higher, you can go back to the streets to hunt Pokémon left and right. If not, you will have to change your mobile device to continue playing the Niantic title.