POCO C65 Review: Xiaomi’s Budget Smartphone with Impressive Value

We’ve had the opportunity to thoroughly test one of the year’s most budget-friendly Android phones, the POCO C65. Xiaomi, known for its exceptional quality-to-price ratio, has once again delivered a promising contender for the title of the best entry-level smartphone. Our impressions of this device are overwhelmingly positive, a sentiment we’ve come to expect from Xiaomi’s offerings. In this article, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive overview of the POCO C65.

Poco C65

Affordable with Limitations

First and foremost, it’s important to recognize that the POCO C65 is priced at just 150 euros. With this pricing, it’s unrealistic to anticipate top-tier camera performance or powerhouse processing capabilities. However, within its constraints, this smartphone performs admirably and is a strong recommendation for anyone seeking an everyday device without breaking the bank.

A Pleasing Multimedia Experience

Xiaomi has been making strides in delivering budget phones with appealing aesthetics. The POCO C65 follows suit with its sleek, straight-edged design and a glossy rear finish that immediately catches the eye. Though it might be slightly thick, resulting in a less comfortable grip during prolonged usage, it presents an overall attractive appearance.

The phone’s flat screen provides a visually pleasing experience for most scenarios. Outdoor visibility under direct sunlight might be slightly hindered, causing darkened image colors, but as long as the screen is shielded from direct sunlight, it performs well. The 90 Hz refresh rate adds a noticeable touch of fluidity, a welcome feature in a budget-friendly device. The sound quality is commendable, without the muffled audio often found in low-priced smartphones, making the POCO C65 a solid choice for multimedia consumption.

Poco C65 with MIUI 14

Above Average Performance

Considering its budget status, it’s important to set realistic expectations for performance. The POCO C65 is equipped with a MediaTek Helio G85 processor, capable of handling everyday tasks with ease. Whether you’re using social media, listening to music, watching videos, or indulging in occasional gaming, this smartphone delivers reliable performance. MIUI 14 enhances the user experience, and the battery life easily stretches beyond a full day of usage, alleviating concerns about frequent recharging for light users.

Camera Capabilities

The POCO C65’s 50 MP primary camera sensor impresses when lighting conditions are favorable. It captures photos that would satisfy any user looking to capture memorable moments or everyday scenes with decent quality. While the additional lenses provide versatility, they don’t offer anything extraordinary.

POCO C65 Cameras

An Affordable Gem

Given its price and specifications, it’s difficult for us not to wholeheartedly recommend the POCO C65 to anyone seeking an economical smartphone for daily use. The official Xiaomi store currently offers it at just 129.99 euros as part of a launch promotion, making it a fantastic bargain for a feature-rich smartphone. If you’re looking to save while acquiring a comprehensive smartphone, act quickly to secure this impressive deal.