Play with your Xbox via streaming and away from home with Windows 10

Microsoft has finally released and for all its users the Xbox application for Window 10 , also for the most recent version of its operating system (Windows 11). From now on, PC users will be able to enjoy the game service via streaming and remote play without having to participate in the Xbox Insiders program and from a native application, no web browsers.

Xbox Cloud Gaming and Xbox Remote Play come to Windows

Play with your Xbox via streaming

Until now, Windows users had to resort to the browser and belong to the Insiders program in order to access two of the company’s most interesting services at the moment: Xbox Cloud Gaming (still known by many as xCloud) and Xbox Remote Play .

With the first, you will already know that you can enjoy the entire catalog of games available on Xbox Game Pass. In this way, just by having a device that allows access to the service and an internet connection, you can play as much as you want. Something ideal for when you are traveling or do not have a PC or console with enough power to run these titles. And it is that all of them run on the company’s own servers, which send you the video signal.

The second allows you to play remotely also from a PC or mobile device connected to your Xbox console. So that is where the game is running and not on the company’s servers. Thus, taking advantage of your own Xbox Series X, Series S or Xbox One console, you can connect directly from your home local network or through the internet . Something really interesting, although you will depend on two connections: that of your home and that of the place from which you connect.

Well, now these two options arrive officially and for everyone through the Xbox application for Windows. This has important advantages, because you no longer have to depend on a browser but you can use a native application. This is always interesting and, above all, much more comfortable no matter how much we are used to the web browser.

Regarding the operation, here few or no changes really compared to the experience that is enjoyed in the browser. That is, a game controller connected via Bluetooth or USB and an active Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription are required.

How to download the Xbox app for Windows

The new Xbox app update for Windows is now available on the Miscrosoft app store. This is free, so to get it you just have to go to this web address and click the get button if you don’t have it yet. If that’s the case, you can update and that’s it.

In addition to access to the Xbox Game Pass game catalog and remote play from your Xbox Series X / S and One, this application also allows you to do other things such as see what your friends are playing, chat with them on the console, mobile or the PC and even buy games, DLC content and other add-ons.

In other words, the application unifies in one place everything you can do in terms of entertainment and video games.