How to Play Edge’s Hidden Surfing Minigame Online

Surely we have ever come across the classic dinosaur game from Google Chrome. This minigame is included in the browser and appears when we try to go to the Internet but, for some reason, we do not have an Internet connection. If it is a punctual cut, as soon as the connection is restored we can continue browsing without problems. And if it doesn’t come back, surely more than one of us has spent hours jumping bushes and dodging other dinosaurs. This mini-game has become so popular in the browser that other companies have wanted to include mini-games within their browsers, as Microsoft has done with Edge.

Edge is a browser based on Chromium, Google Chrome’s OpenSource browser. However, although the code is the same, Microsoft has total freedom to modify the browser and adapt it to your tastes and needs. And in addition to many functions and features, one of the functions included in this browser is a minigame, but instead of becoming a dino, Edge allows us to order a surfer.

How to Play Edge's Hidden Surfing Minigame Online

The surfing minigame inspired by the 90s

This game is inspired by many games from the late 80’s and early 90’s that were of the infinite scrolling and dodging obstacles type. One of the best known, and seems to be the most inspired by the Edge minigame, is SkiFree.


Of course, Microsoft has given it its own and original touch, in addition to having adapted it to be able to play on any modern platform. For this reason, we can play it with a mouse, keyboard, remote control and even a touch screen.

This minigame is designed, just like in Chrome, so that we can play when we do not have an Internet connection. However, Microsoft allows us to access the surfing game even when we have Internet access with a simple trick.

How to Play Edge Minisurf

To launch this surf minigame in the browser, what we need is to have the latest version of Edge installed on the PC (the one that is based on Chromium, the minigame does not come in the old ones) and write the following in the address bar of the browser.


Automatically we will see a new page like the following from which we can start playing.

Juego surf Edge

This surf game allows us to choose between 7 different characters. And to start surfing we just have to press the space. But before doing we must indicate that this game has several game modes and options that take the gaming experience much further than that of the Chrome dinosaur.

Game modes and other options

If we click in the upper right corner of the minigame window we can see a panel with the different options to start playing this minigame.

Opciones Juego Surf Edge

The first thing that will catch our attention are the 3 different game modes:

  • Let’s navigate . Classic game mode in which we will navigate endlessly avoiding any obstacle and we will have to escape from the tentacles of the Kraken.
  • Proof of time . We must collect as many coins as possible before time runs out.
  • Zig Zag. We must go through all the doors (or control points) that we can without missing one.

In addition to being able to select the game mode, we can also see the maximum score in each of them, to try to overcome it, two assistance modes to make the game easier, and instructions that explain each of the elements of the game in detail.

Cómo jugar al juego de surf de Edge

As we see, in addition to the arrows, we can use other controls to give more interest to the game. For example, we can press F to accelerate, rescue the dog to get shields, or use the Control + R shortcut to leave the current game and restart the game.

Without a doubt, a very simple surf minigame, with the simplest mechanics, but that will help us to hang out when we do not have an Internet connection.