Picodrive supports Sega 32X games with RetroArch on Steam

Picodrive supports Sega 32X games with RetroArch on Steam

Emulation lovers are in luck and if you are one of them then too. The Steam version of RetroArch has finally received a new core that allows you to run games from SEGA’s 8-Bit and 16-Bit consoles. This would not be anything outstanding if it were not because, in addition, it supports Sega 32X games . So you will be able to play many titles for the first time thanks to it without leaving your Steam account.

Picodrive comes to the RetroArch version on Steam

It has been a long time since RetroArch, the best retro game emulator for Windows according to many fans of this whole emulation topic, offers compatibility with Mega Drive and SEGA 32X games, but now it will be its version of Steam that offers just that. thanks to the arrival of a new core.

Picodrive officially arrives on Steam and you can now download it to enjoy it through RetroArch, a popular emulation manager that allows you to enjoy retro games from different consoles. Thus, thanks to this new inclusion, you can now enjoy games from Sega Genesis / Mega Drive, Sega Master System, Sega CD and Sega 32X (also known as Sega Mega Drive 32X or Super 32X).

You may think that emulators of these 8 and 16 Bit consoles already existed, so what is the news or what is really interesting about the news. Well, it is the support of that last machine. The new version or core of Picodrive supports a wide variety of SEGA consoles, but above all it stands out for its ability to run SEGA 32X games .

This is something really important for those who enjoy retro games, because until now not even the official collection of Sega Mega Drive games did. So the leisure options increase for all those who love the classic.

This is how those responsible for this new version of Picodrive announced:

Picodrive is a popular emulator for a wide variety of game consoles from the 8 to 16 bit generation. It also supports a peripheral plugin that Genesis Plus GX does not support. Supports both cartridge and CD-ROM games. It also works well with many of RetroArch’s advanced features, such as real-time rewind, runahead latency reduction, cheats, and RetroAchievements. It is also one of the fastest emulators of its kind.

How to download Picodrive from Steam

To get hold of this new emulation option offered by Picodrive , all you have to do is first download the base game RetroArtch on Steam. Once you have it, from this link you can download Picodrive for free .

Both RetroArch and Picodrive applications are free and the advantage of doing it through Steam is that you will have your library of retro games with Valve’s that you can also enjoy on your Windows PC. Because, yes, the requirements are to have an operating system equal to or higher than Microsoft‘s Windows 7 and an Intel Pentium 4 processor or higher.

So now you know, if you like retro games, if you are a Sega fan and want to enjoy titles that you would hardly have played during the 16-bit era, don’t miss this opportunity.