Photoshop’s interface hurt your eyes? Try this change

The applications that we use at the moment on our computers must not only respond at a functional level, but also must offer us a customizable interface. This will help us to adapt the appearance of these to our needs or tastes. How could it be otherwise, this is a section that can be extended to a software solution of the importance of Adobe Photoshop.

Photoshop's interface hurt your eyes

This is a program that we don’t need to introduce you to, since most of you have probably either used it or heard of it. It is the most important photo editor in the world, or at least the most popular and used. It is focused on both first-time users in this type of task, as well as the most professional and demanding. Of course, to get the most out of this solution, the experience we have with it will depend a lot, as well as how much we want to delve into the available functions .

To carry out basic design and editing tasks, the truth is that we can achieve it with a fairly low effort. But the moment we start demanding more professional and advanced results, the complexity of Adobe Photoshop increases significantly. As we mentioned before, in these times, most users not only show interest in the functional section of their programs. At the same time, the interface that it proposes to us to work on a day-to-day basis is becoming more and more important.

In addition to the predetermined aspect that current software solutions must offer us, their customization capacity must be high.

Activate this Photoshop function to take care of your eyesight

The characteristics that at the moment we find in many applications focused on taking care of our eyes serve as a clear example of all this. This type of precaution is especially extensible if we use our computer and its screen for many hours. The same happens in low light conditions , which are the times when our eyes can suffer the most.

To avoid greater evils related to our eyesight in the future, many developers are implementing the so-called dark mode in their projects. In fact, most users already use this display mode at all times as it is more comfortable. In the event that you use Photoshop in these described conditions or you simply want to change its interface to a less harmful aspect, we are going to change its configuration for it.

Specifically, what we are going to do here is change the display mode of the complete interface of the photo editing program in seconds. In this way, we manage to dim the application’s luminosity and take care of our eyes to a great extent, especially if we spend many hours in front of Photoshop. To achieve this, the first thing we do is start the application in a conventional way and then we go to the Edit / Preferences / General menu. Here we find different parameters related to the appearance of the editor.

oscuro photoshop

In fact, in the upper part of the window we will see the four color themes available at the moment to use in the Adobe solution. At this point, we recommend that you mark and use the one that is located on the far left , that is, the darkest subject. At that moment you will see how the general appearance of the application changes and it will surely be more comfortable for you to work with it.