Photographic comparison iPhone X and iPhone 13 Pro Max

One of the best ways for users to check how a device has evolved over the years is to compare two models that are several years apart. Well, that is what we are going to do in this post, see how Apple has improved the camera of its smartphone, comparing how both the iPhone X and the iPhone 13 Pro Max perform under the same conditions. Do not miss it.

How much did the cameras improve from one iPhone to another?

Photographic comparison iPhone X and iPhone 13 Pro Max

If Apple has focused on something during all these years, it is to improve the iPhone camera, in fact, as we will see below, the aspects in which the Cupertino company has improved considerably have been different. Therefore, before entering fully with the photographic results that both devices have been able to offer, we go with the technical aspects , so that later when you see the photographs of one and the other you can understand them much better. In addition, you should know that in order to offer you a faster loading speed of this page, we have had to compress all the photographs shown in the following sections. In any case, all of them have the same compression percentage so that the lowest possible quality is lost and the differences can be clearly appreciated.

Triple camera vs dual camera

The first big difference that can be seen between one device and another is its rear camera module. In the case of the iPhone X, users have a double camera that is made up of a telephoto lens and a wide-angle lens . The iPhone 13 Pro Max raises these benefits, initially it has a triple camera module composed of a telephoto lens , a wide angle lens and an ultra wide angle lens, this refers to the cameras, since it also has the LiDAR scanner that so much It is important when it comes to taking portraits and night photography.

Lentes iPhone 13 Pro Max

If we go more fully into the specifications of these lenses we see, again, an evolution. The telephoto lens on the iPhone X is a x2 with an f / 2.4 aperture, while on the iPhone 13 Pro Max it is a x3 with an f / 2.8 aperture. Regarding the wide angle , the iPhone X has an aperture f / 1.8 , while the iPhone 13 Pro Max with an aperture f / 1.5 . But without a doubt, apart from the differences between common lenses, the presence of the ultra-wide angle in the iPhone 13 Pro Max with an aperture f / 1.8 is a real wonder for all people who enjoy shooting photos with the iPhone. .

iPhone X y iPhone 13 Pro Max

To these physical differences, we could say, we must add two important points. The first of them is the evolution of the processor, which is a fundamental part in which the results are optimal, in the case of the iPhone X you have the A11 Bionic chip while in the iPhone 13 Pro Max the A15 Bionic chip is present. The second point to mention is HDR, where the iPhone 13 Pro Max already enjoys the famous HDR 4 while the iPhone X has the first version.

More megapixels for the front camera

Usually all the attention is focused on the rear cameras, however, a lens that most users use practically every day is the front one, the one that everyone uses to take popular selfies . In this case, you will see how Apple has worked and improved this facet, although perhaps it could have included more significant improvements.

In the case of the iPhone X you can enjoy a 7 Mpx TrueDepth camera with an f / 2.2 aperture, while in the iPhone 13 Pro Max , you also have a TrueDepth camera but in this case of 12 Mpx with an f aperture. / 2.2 . As we mentioned, perhaps the opening of it is a point where Apple could improve, although as you will see later, the results offered by the iPhone 13 Pro Max are quite good.

Photo styles to forget about editing

Today there are many users who choose, once they have taken the photograph, to apply a series of editing parameters to it with any available program, or even with Apple’s own photos application. However, the vast majority carry out a very simple edit that only takes a few seconds to do. For this reason, Apple has introduced photographic styles in the iPhone 13 models.

Photo Styles consist of smart filters that you can set before taking the photo. This serves, as we have commented, so that people who make a very simple edition can save it, or for those users who specialize in a certain type of photography, with warmer, colder, or contrasting tones. The available styles are as follows.

  • Standard .
  • High contrast .
  • Brilliant .
  • Warm
  • Cold

Estilos fotográficos

Macro photography

Another novelty that the iPhone 13 Pro Max presents at a photographic level is the possibility of taking macro photography . This function has been demanded by a good part of iPhone users for years since some of the direct competitors have previously included it, therefore, it is something that with the iPhone X you will not be able to do, but that if you have the possibility to carry out with the iPhone 13 Pro Max, or any other iPhone 13 model.

As you will see later, the results that the iPhone is able to offer with the macro mode are really fantastic, and in many cases the level of detail that it is capable of capturing is impressive. In addition, mention that this style of photography is the task of the ultra wide angle lens, a lens that we repeat again, it is not present in the iPhone X.

iPhone 13 Pro Max en vertical

Night mode for night photos

We come to the last point that we want to mention before going fully into the results offered by both devices. It is about the night mode, which is surely the biggest difference between the iPhone X and iPhone 13 Pro Max since it marks the possibility of obtaining really usable results in night photography.

Unfortunately for users of the iPhone X, the night mode is not present in this model , and without a doubt it is a real chore since the Cupertino company has done really well with the night mode that you can enjoy on the iPhone 13 Pro Max. In fact, when going from one to another, you will have the possibility of capturing moments at night that you can take advantage of given the quality of the image obtained.

Daytime photographs

We start with the results that both devices have obtained, and how could it be otherwise, we do it with daytime photographs, where both devices are capable of providing fantastic results , since both the cameras of the iPhone X and those of the iPhone 13 Pro Max are magnificent. Although it is true that there will be certain points where the difference will be really differential. Let’s check it out.

Telephoto Lens

The main difference on paper with the telephoto lens is the focal length that one and the other have, since the iPhone X becomes a x2 optical zoom , while in the iPhone 13 Pro Max, although we lose Some aperture, Apple manages to have a x3 optical zoom , something that as you can see below, it shows.

The first thing we can look at is the difference between the two when capturing the colors of the image, something that is reflected in the sky of the first and second shots. We can also appreciate that the iPhone 13 Pro Max is capable of capturing a much higher level of detail with respect to the image provided by the iPhone X.

Wide Angle Lens

The wide-angle lens is always the one that most users use the most times and the Cupertino company knows that, since it is the lens that is capable of offering the best results in terms of detail and sharpness. There is really not much difference between the two devices beyond the aperture, which in good light conditions should not be noticeable. However, the processing that the chip of each iPhone is capable of and the HDR will come into play here.

The existing differences continue in the same line as those that we had commented in the case of the telephoto lens. The way that both devices capture color is very different , as at the level of detail , the iPhone 13 Pro Max gives much more information. In addition, you also have to look at the way that both devices treat light and the most exposed areas in it since the iPhone X tends to overexpose them and the iPhone 13 Pro Max manages them really well.

Ultra Wide Angle Lens

Surely one of the great incentives for users who own an iPhone X who are thinking of making the leap to the iPhone 13 Pro Max is just this lens, the ultra wide angle. The results that this camera offers are really very attractive, since it imitates the famous fish eye, with a focal length that is equivalent to about 13 mm and that, without a doubt, is capable of giving a very striking point of view.

In addition, just with the Pro generation of the iPhone 13, the Cupertino company has taken a step forward with this lens, giving it an aperture f / 1.8 , which is in fact the same aperture as the wide-angle lens. iPhone X. In this way, the results offered by the iPhone 13 Pro Max with this lens are a real delight. Here are some examples.

Frontal camera

Without a doubt, the front camera is one of the points where Apple has improved the most from iPhone X to iPhone 13 Pro Max , although as we have mentioned before, it still has room for improvement. The results offered by both devices speak for themselves, so the best thing is to see for yourself, here you have them.

The first thing that stands out is the difference when it comes to interpreting the skin tone , since the iPhone X tends to yellow. On the other hand, and it is something that is clearly differential is the way that both devices treat the background of the image , where in the iPhone X it is totally burned and overexposed, while in the iPhone 13 Pro Max you can see absolutely everything .

Portrait mode

We arrived at one of the most popular shooting modes in the world of smartphones since they made their entry, in the case of Apple, with the iPhone 7 plus, a generation lower than that of the iPhone X. Here you will not only be able to appreciate differences to When taking the picture, if not, on the iPhone X this portrait mode is carried out with the telephoto lens , while on the iPhone 13 Pro Max you can choose to use the telephoto or wide-angle lens . In addition, you also have to know that with the iPhone 13 Pro Max you can adjust the degree of background blur to achieve more personalized results, something that is not possible on the iPhone X. Here are the results.

The results speak for themselves, not so much in the first image, but in the subsequent two where, for example, the iPhone X is not able to fully interpret the silhouette of the statue or the hair of the model that appears in the image. third image. It is clear that Apple has considerably improved this portrait mode.

Macro photography

To end the daytime results, we want to show you a series of examples of what the iPhone 13 Pro Max is capable of with its macro photography mode . As we mentioned, in this case it is the ultra-wide angle lens that is in charge of getting to work whenever we want to take a macro photograph. In addition, there really is no macro mode as such since it is the iPhone itself that is responsible for activating it automatically when you approach an object or surface.

The results really speak for themselves, and it is really shocking to see how the iPhone is able to capture surfaces or objects with such a level of detail that, with your own eye, you would not be able to see that way. Undoubtedly, the improvement in aperture that the ultra-wide-angle lens has suffered in the Pro models is noticeable when taking these types of photographs.

Photographs at night

Turn to give cane to night photography, a section in which I already anticipate that you are going to find many differences and it is that right between the iPhone X and the iPhone 13 Pro Max is all the revolution that Apple has made at the photography level night mode on your smartphone, incorporating night mode and LiDAR scanner that together provide truly wonderful photos. In addition, in this section we wanted to take pictures at different times of the day so that you can also appreciate how it behaves when the light has not completely gone, but it is quite scarce. Let’s see the results.

Telephoto Lens

Again, the main difference that you will find with the telephoto lens, initially is the focal length provided by one device and another, being a x2 in the iPhone X and a x3 in the iPhone 13 Pro Max. However, the differential point is the presence of the night mode on the iPhone 13 Pro Max, something that you will not be able to find on the iPhone X.

As you can see, with the telephoto lens and in conditions where light is scarce, such as at dusk, the results do not differ too much , caused by the little difference that exists in the opening of both lenses and because the night mode has not yet taken effect. of presence. However, when it gets to work there is no color between what you can do with one device and another .

Wide Angle Lens

The wide-angle lens as we have commented previously is the main lens of both devices , and also the two that in their respective devices have a larger aperture, so they are the ones you have to use whenever you want to have a sharper image without having to use night mode. Let’s see the results.

As you can see, the difference, although slight, in the opening of both devices makes the difference in the first image, where there is much more detail in the iPhone 13 Pro Max as well as a much better interpreted image. On the other hand, when night mode comes into play, the results speak for themselves.

Ultra Wide Angle Lens

With the iPhone 13 Pro Max, not only do you have the possibility to take incredible photographs with the ultra-wide angle lens, but it also has the possibility of being used together with the night mode. In addition, thanks to the improvement in the aperture that this lens has suffered in the iPhone 13 Pro Max, it is also much more usable at those times of the day when it is not yet necessary to use the night mode.

The results it offers are fantastic, even without using the night mode , it is capable of perfectly capturing the color of the sky as well as making an ideal interpretation of the existing light. However, when the night mode comes into play the results are once again spectacular.

Frontal camera

Previously we have commented to you the difference in megapixels that exist between the front cameras of the iPhone X and the iPhone 13 Pro Max, and this is a difference that is really evident if we take pictures in low light. Both lenses have an aperture f / 2.2 , which can certainly be improved, but in this case the iPhone 13 Pro Max has the advantage that it also has a night mode in the front camera. Here are the results.

How you can see the results are clearly different , the evolution is really great, both at the level of illumination of the image and at the level of detail and color. Without a doubt, the iPhone X obtains very poor results that stand out compared to the quality offered by the iPhone 13 Pro Max with its front camera.

Portrait mode

In the night section of the portrait mode we have to add a more differential point than we have talked about previously, and that is that the iPhone 13 Pro Max also has the possibility of using the night mode to take photography in portrait mode , something that will make images made with this device stand out. You can check it below.

The reality is that there is little we can comment on the results once you see them. There is no color between the photographs that the iPhone 13 Pro Max gets compared to the iPhone X, and it shows the evolution that the Cupertino company has carried out at the photographic level on the iPhone in recent years.

Is evolution enough?

Once you have the results of one device and another at a photographic level, we encourage you to be yourself or yourself who draws your own conclusions . However, from the ITIGIC writing team we are going to give you our opinion on whether the evolution has been adequate and, obviously, on whether it is worth changing an iPhone X for the iPhone 13 Pro Max if we take into account the photographic section.

First of all, and to make it clear from the beginning, it is clear that it is worth changing the iPhone X for the iPhone 13 Pro Max if we take into account the photographic section. The differences are more palpable and without a doubt, the results that you can obtain when making this change are really wonderful, since you will not only improve what you already do with your iPhone X, but you will add numerous photography options that until now you cannot to enjoy.

On the other hand, if we look at the evolution of the iPhone, we believe that it has been a fantastic evolution, although like everything else, it is not perfect and there are points where, as users, we would like to have different points such as a front lens with a larger aperture and a wider focal length. However, the reality is that Apple is doing a fantastic job with its iPhones, hence each year it is one of the best cameras on the market.